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COVID-19 Vaccinations

CalFire will be at the Borrego Springs Library on Monday Sept. 20 for COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine, first and second doses, and the J&J one-time vaccine. They will return on Monday Oct. 11 for those who need the second dose of Pfizer. On Sept. 20, vaccination hours will be 9:30 a.m.... — Updated 9/16/2021

California: Recall Election, Sept. 14

California voters are up-in-arms for the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, deciding whether or not to remove Gavin Newsom as governor, three years into his first term. Here are a few things people should... — Updated 9/2/2021

A Winter Sky Sneak Preview

After another sizzling summer in the southwestern desert, I'm happy to know that the seasons will soon be changing and cooler temperatures are not that far off. Before we know it, many of us will be whining about the cold and the... — Updated 9/16/2021

Kendall's Cafe Sold!

Kendall's Café is now under new ownership, as of Sept. 1, at the helm of Benito Arteaga and Lorena Valdez. Previous owner Gary Bailey initially approached Benito about taking over Kendall's, and Darlis also graciously offered to... — Updated 9/16/2021

Newsom Remains in Office

Governor Gavin Newsom survives the recall effort, and remains in office. More details to... — Updated 9/16/2021

Bargain Barn Grand Re-Opening!

The Bargain Barn is accepting donations beginning Tuesday September 14 and every Tuesday/Thursday during the season from 9 a.m. to noon. Remember we do not accept mattresses or large sofas (hide-a-beds are OK). Our grand re-opening is Friday/Saturday October 1 & 2 from 9 a.m. to... — Updated 9/16/2021

Nature Watch: "Phainopepla"

He's a handsome critter with a funny name, but one of the more distinctive birds that call Anza-Borrego home. I'm talking about the phainopepla, a resident bird easily identified by a distinctive crest and bright red eyes. Males... — Updated 9/16/2021

The Borrego Springs Covid-19 Task Force

The Borrego Springs Covid-19 Task Force has decided to reactivate. We had hoped that there would be few new COVID cases in Borrego Springs this summer. Unfortunately, 21 new cases have been reported since early May. More than half of the new cases have occurred in the last three... — Updated 9/16/2021

COVID Numbers Surge

Here we go again... The numbers are surging and new cases of the coronavirus and its variant are at a level not seen since January of this year. The average daily level of cases has reached to at least 148,000.However, even as many hospitals are under strain and the reporting... — Updated 9/16/2021

COVID-19 Testing

As COVID-19 cases surge, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency has reopened testing sites across the county. Fast Facts - Testing sites are managed by the California Department of Public Health and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. -... — Updated 9/7/2021

Sponsor Group Meeting

The County Programs and Regulations (CPRS) Standing Committee will meet on September 20, 4:30 p.m. Email Chair Rebecca Falk at to be put on the email list for the agenda and link to... — Updated 9/16/2021

Chamber Brings Good News

For the Chamber which is normally closed in the month of August, it has been a whirlwind of activity behind the closed doors. It all began with the disturbing SVP Merle Wakefield announcement where we quickly set the response ball in motion, arranging the Community Town Hall,... — Updated 9/7/2021

The House of Borrego Springs Artists Reception and Season Hours

The House of Borrego Springs EAST and WEST Galleries and shop open with its Season hours beginning Saturday September 4. Open Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The WEST Gallery hosts its opening reception for artists Fritz Liebhardt, Robin Brailsford and Wick Alexander on... — Updated 9/2/2021

Art for the People

There are two ART programs in Borrego that are greatly beneficial to the community: one for the children and one for seniors. Materials for both art programs are funded by donors – primarily the Borrego Rotary Club and the... — Updated 9/7/2021

Rams Hill Continues to Give

Rams Hill GM Harry Turner hands elementary teacher, Sasha Ybarra-Cseri, and math teacher, Polly Macuga, (with Principal Victoria Baay looking on) with a $200 gift card to show Community's appreciation for the dedicated work our... — Updated 9/16/2021

Rams Hill Steps Up to Support Borrego Students

In yet another gesture of community support, Rams Hill awarded three scholarships to Borrego Springs High School students whose parents have worked for at least a season at Rams Hill or to students who have worked for at least one... — Updated 9/7/2021

BSHS Football Kicks Off New Season

Football is back for Borrego Springs High School after taking the 2020 season off due to the uncertainty with the pandemic. The season is back, being under those gleaming Friday night lights (with the exception of one game), and... — Updated 9/7/2021

BSHS JV Football Scrimmage vs. Hamilton

The Borrego Springs High School JV Football team had its first scrimmage at home on Aug. 18 against the Hamilton... — Updated 9/7/2021

Black Tar Heroin Seized

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested three people accused of attempting to smuggle black tar heroin through an immigration checkpoint on Aug. 26. The incident occurred at around noon, when a dark gray 2004 Acura TLX approached the Highway 86 checkpoint. The agent in... — Updated 9/2/2021

$55K Worth of Methamphetamine Seized

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two people accused of attempting to smuggle methamphetamine through an immigration checkpoint on Aug. 19. The incident occurred at about 12:17 p.m., when a silver 2004 Mercedes SL approached the Highway 111 checkpoint. The agent in... — Updated 9/2/2021

"Never Forget"

This past weekend, I participated in two 9/11 Memorial events, both of which honored the brave men and women who died on that horrific day. It was not lost on me that both events took place in Oceanside, a city whose fabric and culture are built by our military. On the morning... — Updated 9/16/2021

"Thank You"

We would first like to thank Darlis and Gary for this great opportunity that they have provided us. Kendall’s Café has been an establishment that we have enjoyed throughout the years as a member of this community. We hope to continue the tradition of great food and wonderful... — Updated 9/16/2021

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