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BCHF: Fighting Back

Bruce Hebets, deceased, and Daryl Priest are going to court to answer accusations of committing fraud, using inflated office rents, and 30-year-leases to steal millions from the state’s Medi-Cal, and Medi-Cal Dental, insurance funds meant to provide healthcare for underserved... — Updated 10/15/2021

BCHF 990 Finally Arrives

September is National Fraud Prevention Month. So, guess what came in the mail today from the Borrego Health Community Foundation? Nothing less than the Borrego Health 2020-IRS 990 Tax return, which had been requested since the due date, which is typically June 30, the end of the... — Updated 10/13/2021

County Supervisors Say "NO"

On Oct. 5, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted unanimously to support the recommendation by our County Supervisor, Jim Desmond, to take actions to oppose further placements of Sexually Violent Predators in the County. The Board approved the recommendation to... — Updated 10/15/2021

2021 – 22 Miss Borrego Springs Contestants

Seven contestants will participate in the 2021 – 22 Miss Borrego Springs Contest. This year's participants are: - Brianna Del Bono - Isabel Arteaga - Natalia Carmona - Mildred Sanchez - Dulce Hernandez -... — Updated 10/15/2021

ABDSP Updates

Updates from the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park as of Oct. 1: This season on: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, tune in to find out whether wildflowers will bloom this year; will the desert be too hot to handle? And discover why bighorn sheep don’t regularly attend hikes with... — Updated 10/15/2021

The Smallest Constellations (Asterisms)

Unlike people, who the U.S. Constitution declares as "being created equal," constellations are most certainly not. In fact, constellations aren't even visible. They are simply regions of the sky that were important to the... — Updated 10/15/2021

55th Annual Borrego Days Desert Festival

It is time to mark your calendars. The 55th annual Borrego Days Desert Festival is back Oct. 23 and 24. The theme this year is simply, "Welcome Back!" Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Françoise Rhodes stated they truly... — Updated 10/13/2021

From the Borrego COVID-19 Task Force...

Dear Seasonal Residents, We so look forward to your return to Borrego Springs. The weather is becoming very hospitable and, as you know, Borrego Springs is a wonderful place to spend the winter season. Ours is a vibrant town with many events and activities that are more fun when... — Updated 10/15/2021

COVID-19 Brings More Changes, Mandates

With more disarray and disagreements or support for the vaccine and the mandates, changes continue. On Oct. 5, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a vaccine mandate. Back in August, the county required employees to either be fully vaccinated or take weekly... — Updated 10/15/2021

COVID Booster Shots Authorized

It is official. As of Sept. 24, the COVID-19 Pfizer booster shots were approved. These are not the same as third shot of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines approved last month for people with severe underlying health issues. Who is eligible for the Pfizer booster shot? - Adults 65... — Updated 10/4/2021

UPDATED: Sponsor Group Meeting

The next Borrego Springs Sponsor Group meeting will be Thursday Oct. 7, 4:30 p.m. held via Zoom, instead of being held at the Borrego Springs Library Community Room. To be added to the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group email list for agenda and agenda packets, send a... — Updated 10/4/2021

Chamber Welcomes Fall

At this point anything below 100 degrees is a welcome experience and before you know it we’ll be grabbing sweaters for our morning outings. Since we’re on the subject of welcomes, the Chamber is thrilled to have the Borrego Valley Airport back as a member, with the airport... — Updated 10/1/2021

The House Of Borrego Springs-West Gallery

Owner of The House Of Borrego Springs-West Gallery, Elizabeth Rodriguez, is an enormously talented curator. The dialogue of the curator is to observe, interpret and build a bridge between the artist, artwork and public. It is a... — Updated 10/13/2021

ARTWALK Begins Oct. 2

The first ARTWALK of the season is Saturday Oct. 2 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The House of Borrego Springs East and West Galleries, Borrego Art Institute and The Galleria at the Palms at Indian Head will participate (The Courts will join ARTWALK on November 6). Stop by the galleries... — Updated 10/1/2021

Wildcats Take "Battle of Springs" Trophy, Spoil Rams Homecoming

Kicking off October, it was the friendly rivalry "Battle of the Springs" game between Borrego Springs and Warner Springs, as well as the Rams' homecoming game. It was a battle from both sides, but the bronze/silver trophy... — Updated 10/15/2021

Lady Rams Bested By West Shores

It was an exciting second set, as the Lady Rams volleyball team hoped to take down a tough West Shores team. With much back-and-forth, West Shores were on top, and never looked back. The Lady Rams dropped the game in three sets,... — Updated 10/15/2021

David William Shannon

Former El Camino College coach and administrator Dave Shannon passed away suddenly on August 17, in San Diego. He was 75 years old. Dave was a member of the El Camino College athletics family for 31 years and was one of the most highly-decorated and esteemed coaches in... — Updated 10/1/2021

Firearm, Drugs Seized

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a United States citizen accused of smuggling illegal narcotics through an immigration checkpoint on Sept. 25. The incident occurred at approximately 10:43 p.m., when a white 2015 Ford F-150 approached the Highway 86 checkpoint. The... — Updated 10/15/2021

Man Attempts to Smuggle $600K Worth of Cocaine

Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested a man suspected of smuggling cocaine on Sept. 25. The incident occurred at around 10:36 a.m. when a man driving a white 2011 Chevrolet Traverse approached the checkpoint. The agent at the checkpoint referred the... — Updated 10/15/2021

"Communities Are Living in Fear"

There is fear among communities throughout San Diego County. Whether you live in rural North County, rural East County, or in any of the region’s 18 cities, your neighborhood could be uprooted by the State of California’s placement of a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP).... — Updated 10/15/2021

"Around the County"

As we head into fall (where did the time go), I wanted to give you some updates at the County of San Diego. We have made a major step in our fight against COVID with the introduction of monoclonal antibody treatment. This treatment prevents the virus from attaching to the cells... — Updated 10/1/2021

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