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Borrego Objects

The Borrego Cares Group (BCG) has joined the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), and AB Staffing Solutions, in filing an objection with the Bankruptcy Court to Borreg... — Updated 2/2/2023


"Borrego Cares Group Objects"

Honorable Judge Laura Taylor J. Weinberger US Courthouse, 325 West F Street Department/Chamber 3 – Room 129 San Diego, CA 92101 Honorable Judge Taylor, I am writing regarding Case No. 22-02384-11, concerning the auction/sale of property and assets of the Borrego Community... — Updated 1/17/2023


Borrego Ministers' Association

The calls started coming in with a vengeance the second week after Borrego Springs closed down due to COVID-19. With hundreds of locals out of work, bills were piling up and their last paychecks were being spent quickly. Many waited for unemployment, some didn’t qualify and... — Updated 6/21/2020


Feeding Borrego

They hoped for 25 people; over 50 showed up. They expected a simple thank you; they received virtual hugs from incredibly grateful people. They simply wanted to offer food to families whose employment hours had been eliminated or... — Updated 5/29/2020


Candlewood Leaves Town...

Candlewood's magical Arts Festival in Borrego Springs ended abruptly when COVID-19 hit our village in March. Purple covered sculptures were closed to the public. Our local scorpion, adorned with whimsical jewels, was off limits to... — Updated 5/29/2020


The Power of Three

What happens when you have an unemployed worker with no computer who needs to apply for Unemployment Insurance, and you have a couple with strong computer skills and a desire to assist people, but the two don't speak the same langu... — Updated 5/22/2020


Food Bank Frenzy

On April 20, no less than 165 families showed up at each of the three Food Banks in Borrego Springs to receive free bags of produce, dry goods and in some cases protein. (To clarify, Food Bank is at St. Barnabas; Feeding San Diego... — Updated 5/22/2020

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