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Local Chefs Do Well


Last updated 6/28/2024 at 1pm

Tom Hildenbrandt and Pamela Lange were chosen to be the chefs for Leonardo DiCaprio and other senior members of the film crew of the Warner Brothers newest production, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Tom told the Borrego Sun, "In early May, as our first year of catering was winding down, B Side Caters was approached by Warner Brothers to private chef for three unnamed clients for two weeks; a query which evolved into a lovely end-of-season Borrego experience I never could have predicted."

"For the next 15 days, Pamela and I cheffed for Leonardo DiCaprio, his affable assistant Milan, and their bodyguard in what may be the most beautiful private kitchen in the valley, the Hacienda House."

Tom said the three clients, their handlers at Warner Bros, and the occasional personal guest, could not have been more receptive, kind or complimentary of their work.

"They were very low maintenance for such high profile clients. We had free reign on the menus, he said. "Leonardo encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing."

The duo also catered the wrap party with a Texas BBQ menu for 150 cast and crew.

"Another evening Leo lent the house to director Paul Thomas Anderson, his partner Maya Rudolph, and their four children. Fun! And that night let us flex our vegan chops a bit. It was amusing at the time to read the conjecture and hyperbole about the casts whereabouts on social media," Tom said.

"Shout out to manager Scott and the crew at The Arches, the location of the big party, for being super welcoming as we invaded their kitchen at the last minute. All in all, private cheffing for Mr. DiCaprio et al. was a very gratifying experience for the two of us at B-Side, one we hope to play again and again."

They will be catering future film projects for the production company, as they were so pleased with their culinary skills.

Their catering company, B Side Caters, have been doing pop up weekends at The Propeller Restaurant with different themes and catering numerous events around town.

Previously, Tom and Pam were the owners of the successful Keslings Kitchen.

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