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WMB Rep: Mark Jorgensen

With three highly qualified and experienced candidates from which to choose as our Community Representative to sit on the soon-to-be-formed WaterMaster Board (WMB), the choice appeared at first blush to be a difficult one for the five-member Borrego Water District Board of Directo... — Updated 2/27/2020


New Chamber Executive Director

Francoise Rhodes has been named the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce's new executive director. "We as a board welcome Francoise, and are excited to have her," Clint Brandin, Chamber of Commerce Board President, said. and... — Updated 2/25/2020


Resident Assaulted

A local resident was assaulted outside of the Desert Pantry in The Mall on Jan. 30, resulting in an arrest at Christmas Circle. At around 12:30 p.m., the suspect, only known as Juana, was seen shouting at The Mall, as well as... — Updated 2/25/2020


Ribbon Cutting and Barn Raising at American Legion

The ribbon cutting ceremony at American Legion Post #853 on Jan. 24 marked the completion of their new dining room and its direct connection to the kitchen and bar areas. Four interior walls are decorated according to military... — Updated 2/25/2020


Palm Canyon Recovery

There could be nothing good from the dark smoke rising out of Palm Canyon west of town. Borrego Springs visitors and residents alike knew something bad was happening last month as fire engines raced through town and helicopters... — Updated 2/25/2020



Photos were released of the suspect who robbed the Bighorn Fudge Factory on Jan. 27. The sus-pect is seen wearing mask, a blue baseball cap, and backpack, with no distinct features to follow for a possible lead. If anyone has any... — Updated 2/25/2020


BASIC Fundraiser, Lives Changed

Thanks to an amazingly successful, tightly coordinated effort at de Anza Desert Club on Jan. 31 for the Basic Assistance to Students in the Community scholarship program here in Borrego Springs, proceeds from a golf tournament, din... — Updated 2/20/2020


Taste of Borrego: Carlee's Double Win

Eight local chefs and staffers from restaurants in Borrego Springs put their skills to the test and relied on the taste buds of those in attendance at the 9th Annual Taste of Borrego, an event sponsored by the Rotary Club, held at... — Updated 2/20/2020

 By Bella Murphy    News 

Brian Jones Visits

On Saturday Feb. 1, the Library hosted a local non-profit expo and a Town Hall with State Senator of the 38th District Brian Jones. Each organization had representatives that were eager to share information about what they do and... — Updated 2/20/2020

 By Michael Sadler    News 

Hal Hawkins: Art With A Story To Tell

His paintings of airplanes now grace the walls of The Propeller, our newest restaurant soon to open at the airport. He also has a gallery in town, his 5th in Borrego, where he displays his artwork and has begun teaching. Hal... — Updated 2/20/2020


Point of View Stipulated Judgment vs. Groundwater Management Plan

As a California Certified Hydrogeologist, I have been working on the Borrego Valley groundwater resources since 1981 when I joined the County of San Diego as the County Hydrogeologist. The question of a groundwater overdraft in the Valley was subject to intense debate, although... — Updated 2/20/2020


BWD Happenings

It was a full morning on Jan. 28 covering BWD Board agenda items, and here are the highlights: The first person to speak at the board meeting was Borrego Unified School District Superintendent Mark Stevens making his presentation on the high school’s water well situation. He... — Updated 2/11/2020

 By Bella Murphy    News 

Hello, Borrego Springs

As a new member of the Borrego Springs community, I would like to say hello. My name is Bella and I'm a writer. My husband and I moved here last fall from San Diego, and we've been thanking ourselves every day since. As an artist/w... — Updated 2/11/2020


Fudge Factory Robbery

Police are searching for the suspect who broke into the Bighorn Fudge Factory the night of Jan. 27, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash and checks, before fleeing after the three-minute robbery. At around 7 a.m. on Jan. 28, during their regular round, the pharmacy’s IT... — Updated 2/11/2020


WMB Rep Selection

In an agreement reached between negotiating parties to the recently released Stipulated Judgment and accompanying Groundwater Management Plan, the five-member Board of Directors at the Borrego Water District will make the selection of who is best-qualified to serve as our... — Updated 1/31/2020

 By Michael Sadler    News

Super Bloom Status Report

With the New Year and what seems to be a lot of rain so far this season, hopes for another Super Bloom are high. Wildflower explosions are nothing short of spectacular here in the desert, and we want to share the experience with... — Updated 1/28/2020


Hawk Watch 2020

The annual Borrego Valley Hawkwatch is about to take flight, and leaders of the event are looking for volunteers to assist with monitoring the migration of Swainson's Hawks as they pass through Borrego Springs. Organizer Hal Cohen... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By Michael Sadler    News

In Trouble vs. In Compliance: The Salton Sea and Borrego Valley

In two separate presentations on air quality at UCI's Steele-Burnand Research Center, scientists from the Department of Earth System Science at UC Irvine made clear not only the air quality trouble the Salton Sea is in now, and... — Updated 1/23/2020


Coyote Steakhouse Openings

The Coyote Steakhouse at the Palms at Indian Head has revised its opening schedule. It is now open seven days a week, 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., with happy hour every day from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., including complimentary hors d’oeuvers. David Leibert, co-owner said, “Business is... — Updated 1/23/2020


Palm Canyon Oasis Burns

A grove of palm trees, a popular sight to see while on the Palm Canyon Trailhead, were set on fire Jan. 18, but the cause is still unknown. According to Mark Jorgensen, who visited First Grove the day after the last burn (which he... — Updated 1/23/2020


Exec. Director Leaves Chamber

The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce has announced that Valeen Szabo is no longer the executive director, as of Jan. 10. President of the Board Clint Brandin said it was a difficult decision to make, but thanks her for the work she has done for the Chamber, wishing her the... — Updated 1/23/2020


Book Review: "A Natural History of the Anza-Borrego Region"

“A Natural History of the Anza-Borrego Region” is a new book that just about any desert rat has dreamed of for years. Borrego residents Mile Wells and Marie Simovich have distilled a lifetime of knowledge into a 225-page book that’s a dream come true for those who love the... — Updated 1/23/2020


Dollar General Dilemma

The Borrego Springs rumor mill had it right. Dollar General is looking to open a store in Borrego Springs. Already posting help wanted ads online for an assistant store manager and retail clerks for their Borrego Springs store, proposed for the intersection of Palm Canyon Drive... — Updated 1/23/2020


Motorcycle Accident

Chuck Blandy, 66, a well-known fixture of Borrego Springs was found lifeless near the 1100 block of Tilting T Drive, between the Borrego Springs and Club Circle resorts on Dec. 23 at around 8:15 a.m. He went riding on a 2003 Suzuki Enduro motorcycle borrowed from a friend at... — Updated 1/23/2020


De Anza Dining Hours: Change

Effective Jan. 12, the Coyote Den at the de Anza Country Club will cease dinner service Sunday through Tuesday. The new hours are as follows: Sunday – Tuesday: 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.... — Updated 1/23/2020


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