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Butterfly Invasion

In what experts say is the biggest butterfly migration since 2005, and we're talking millions then and at least a billion now, according to reports, Painted Ladies are starting to come out in force throughout Southern California, f... — Updated 4/17/2019


Borrego's Skin Care Entrepreneur

Leslie Greathouse is working hard to ensure that Borregans, women and men alike, have clean, moist, and properly exfoliated skin to carry around, and present to others, in our desert environment. A 13-year resident, she has run Gre... — Updated 4/3/2019


New Growth at ArtFarm

The Borrego Art Institute is growing this spring – growing fruits and vegetables in the ever expanding ArtFarm. A variety of vegetables are already being harvested, and many more are sprouting, to be used by Kesling's Kitchen... — Updated 4/3/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News 

Point of View: Is Airport Noise From Military Aircraft Really A Problem?

In my seven years living in Borrego Springs, including going on five years writing for the Borrego Sun, I have met and talked to a lot of people, from Rams Hill to Coyote Creek, and from the State Park to beyond the airport. This includes permanent residents, snowbirds, and visito... — Updated 4/3/2019


Super Bloom Latest: Flowerfest

Mother Nature has continued to grace the Anza-Borrego Desert with a spectacular show by displaying blankets of vivid colors, but with all its beauty, comes the pain. As the long anticipated flowerfest has arrived to the small town... — Updated 4/17/2019

 By Denny DuVall    News 

Wedding at Old Borego

Storm Garner and John Wang were married outside of Old Borego Saturday March 23, with family and guests numbered around 115 people in attendance. This was the first wedding that I know of that has ever taken place at Old Borego,... — Updated 4/4/2019


It's Over, Officially

In mid-March of 2019, the NOAA-affiliated National Drought Mitigation Center announced the official end of California's 376-week drought – that's over seven years worth. Winter storms pushed the Sierra snowpack "well above 100%"... — Updated 4/8/2019


Coming and Goings

* Valeen Szabo has been named as the new Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. Szabo began her new role April 1. * Major Elliott Garrett, chief White House Correspondent, and host of ‘The Takeout’ podcast with CBS News, is retiring in Borrego Springs. He and... — Updated 4/8/2019

 By Jolene Nacapuy    News 

"90 Lives Changed in About 30 Minutes"

About 90 lives were changed in 30 minutes. That's surely what happened March 26 at the Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center, during the "Thank You Happy Hour" event, sponsored by the Soroptimist International of... — Updated 4/11/2019


New Executive Director of Chamber

Valeen Szabo has been named the Chamber's new executive director, and began her new role April 1. There is much to do, and she will hit the ground running. Szabo came to the position by way of her experience in planning, budget... — Updated 4/11/2019


GSP Finally Arrives

After four years in the planning stages, Borrego’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) has finally arrived for public review. It is a massive document (878 pages in PDF) filled with background information, technical charts and colorful maps, and it is the “road map” for... — Updated 4/17/2019


Caterpillar Invasion

There's more to the wildflower Super Bloom than meets the eye. The casual observer who only sees the vast fields of spring blooms is likely to miss another one of Nature's wonders known as the Sphinx Moth Caterpillar. When winter... — Updated 4/17/2019


Super Bloom Latest: Still Strong

As the spring season settles in and warmer temperatures begin to slowly take over the valley, many are wondering how much longer the wildflowers will be putting on this show for us. How long will all the colors of yellow and green... — Updated 4/17/2019


Avery Candlewood Festival

Find your calendar, circle the weekend March 29 – 31, and insert note: “Candlewood Arts Festival at Galleta Meadows.” You will be happy you did. Coming soon is a unique display of contemporary art, specific to supporting a creative space, both physical and figurative,... — Updated 3/5/2019


Super Bloom Latest: Rain

The bloom season will likely be extended thanks to the Valentine's Day rainfall of 2.86" so says Kate Harper, Desert Research Botanist. This should trigger a third wave of germination, more species of flowers than the rain that fel... — Updated 3/15/2019


122 Species Spotted

It takes a little time when 89 volunteers are wandering around the desert recording all the birds they see, but the final results of the 2018 Christmas Bird Count are finally in. Just before Christmas, volunteers spread out in a... — Updated 3/15/2019


Triumphs Triumph at Resort

What better way to have motorcycling challenges and fun, on both asphalt and desert terrain, than on a hybrid motorcycle in the greater Borrego Valley? The 2019 model from Triumph Motorcycles, Ltd., the Scrambler 1200... — Updated 3/5/2019


Rainfall, Thunderstorms Continue

More rain is to be expected in the San Diego County this week, with light to moderate rainfall, along with strong winds, according to the National Weather Service. Showers made its way through the Borrego Springs area late Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday morning. The storm... — Updated 3/6/2019



Highway 78 has been closed between Wynola Road and Scissors Crossing due to a landslide. Crews have closed a six-mile segment of State Route 78 (SR-78) from Wynola Road just east of Julian to Great Southern Overland Stage Route (S-2) later this afternoon for rock scaling... — Updated 3/11/2019


A Small But Enthusiastic Crowd at Carnivale

A smaller than last year's Carnivale crowd showed no less enthusiasm for the Bourbon Street band music, conga line, costume choices, and Mall offerings from retailers and independent vendors. Mall owner Jim Wermers led the band/mus... — Updated 3/12/2019

 By Jolene Nacapuy    News

Revving Up Dirt and Talent at TDS

Kicking off the month of March, just a few miles past a small field of desert sand verbenas and desert sunflowers making their appearance for the highly anticipated Super Bloom. Off the S2, with dirt and lots of it, covering the ro... — Updated 3/25/2019


SDGE Rolls Out New Pricing Policy

San Diego Gas & Electric will be rolling out a new “Time of Use” (TOU) pricing plan, starting in March, to 750,000 customers. Approximately 75,000 – 150,000 customers per month will be moved to TOU plans, and the program will be fully implemented by mid-2020. However, “A... — Updated 3/12/2019


Desert State Park Prepares

It's no longer a matter of if, but rather when and for how long wildflowers will grace the Borrego Valley and surrounding areas within the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (ABDSP, aka the Park). Mother Nature could, however, always... — Updated 3/25/2019


BWD Yearly Review at Town Hall: "A Comfortable Financial Situation"

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of the Borrego Water District (BWD) was held at the Library on Feb. 28 where Board members, assisted by a PowerPoint slide presentation in the Community Room, reviewed water-related topics (but not GSP) and associated financial,... — Updated 3/15/2019


Under the Sun Foundation Launches Candlewood Arts Festival

Make sure you don’t miss this highly anticipated art festival, the first edition of the Candlewood Arts Festival March 29 – 31 right here in Borrego Springs. An event established by the Under the Sun Foundation, features five newly commissioned, temporary public art projects... — Updated 3/15/2019


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