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Warner Springs Cannabis Plants Bust

More than 3,900 cannabis plants were seized by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department personnel on June 4, after serving a search warrant at an illegal grow operation in Warner Springs. San Diego County code compliance officers also discovered several dangerous violations... — Updated 6/11/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News 

Nature Watch: Chuckwalla

Borrego is moving into that time of the year when fewer tourists are spotted wandering about. But there is one character more frequently seen as seasonal temperatures climb into triple digits. That character is the common... — Updated 6/11/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News 

Moon and Venus at Dusk

Have you noticed the remarkable jewel sparkling low in the western sky after sunset? That is the planet Venus, returning to the evening sky after being visible for many months only to pre-dawn risers. Some may have missed it... — Updated 6/10/2021


Community Comes Together for Montezuma Valley Market

A family's dream of building a thriving market and making improvements in a small community faced a tragic obstacle, after a fire burned it all away. On April 18, the market that Mike and Kemi Pavlocak poured their hearts into,... — Updated 6/10/2021


Borrego Springs Observes Memorial Day

Like many towns around the world, Borrego Springs observed the Memorial Day holiday on Monday May 31. At Christmas Circle, townsfolk and visitors alike were in attendance, while following social distancing rules and regulations.... — Updated 6/10/2021


Earthquake Swarm

Over 100 earthquakes, the largest of which had a magnitude-5.3, shook near the Salton Sea on June 5, sending light tremors in various areas. "There have been 152 earthquakes measuring all magnitudes," U.S. Geological Survey... — Updated 6/10/2021


ABDNHA Plans For Palo Verde Festival in Borrego Springs

Everyone has heard of the Cherry Blossom Festival – there are many in the U.S. and around the world, where the trees themselves are the main attraction in these events. The trees are given center stage, and they are celebrated... — Updated 6/10/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News 

Shadow on the Moon

During the early morning hours of May 26, night owls and early risers will enjoy a beautiful eclipse of the moon. The celestial cover-up begins at 2:45 a.m. PDT (5:45 a.m. EDT) when the moon's eastern edge will enter the Earth's... — Updated 6/10/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News 

A Lunar Eclipse Sneak Preview

Early on the evening of Tuesday, May 25, watch as the sun sets behind the western horizon; then, face the opposite direction and you'll soon spot the moon rising in the east. On that night, the moon's phase will be full, and... — Updated 6/7/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News 

BCHF: New Challenges Ahead

People ask what’s happening with the FBI/DOJ investigation into Borrego Health, and wonder why there’s no news in the paper? The answer: It’s an investigation. The FBI and DOJ don’t share information on investigations that might compromise the court case, or prejudice an... — Updated 6/7/2021


Borrego Springs High School Pool

Cool off and have some fun! The Borrego Springs High School pool opens Tuesday June 22. There will be a lifeguard on duty at all times. They will be open six days a week, closed on Monday’s. Hours and days subject to change based on attendance and weather conditions. Pool... — Updated 6/7/2021


'Shadows in the Desert' Documentary Set to Begin Filming in Anza-Borrego Desert in June

Have you or someone you know seen something unexplainable? New documentary, ‘Shadows in the Desert: High Strangeness in the Borrego Triangle’ seeks to investigate strange phenomena in the area, in hopes of uncovering what’s really going on in the desert. The storytellers... — Updated 6/7/2021


Viewpoint: Christmas Circle Water Crisis

As the Christmas Circle Community Park Board of Directors look ahead to yet another water rate increase, it is apparent, we are approaching a point where the funds required to maintain the park will no longer be supported by donations and grants. This will result in our inability... — Updated 6/4/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News 

Supervisor Jim Desmond

He’s definitely on a fast track, serving constituents from Oceanside to Borrego Springs. He and his staff move quickly on an issue; he even talks fast. The mission: Get things done. A relative outlier in government, San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond likes... — Updated 6/4/2021


Martha Deichler Honored

A woman who embodies exemplary characteristics, and one who shines a bright light on those who come across her path, was honored as the 2021 Woman of the Year for the 71st Assembly District by Assemblyman Randy Voepel. And that... — Updated 6/4/2021


BWD: Town Hall, Rate Changes

On May 20, the Borrego Water District held its annual Town Hall webinar about “all things water.” A range of topics were covered including Operational Accomplishments during 2020 – 21, the recent Groundwater Adjudication Judgment and last but not least, proposed rate... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Nikki Symington    News 

Salary Issues Continue to Plague the Borrego Springs Fire Protection District

The Borrego Springs Fire Protection District (BSFPD) has agreed to a $100,000 settlement with twenty-five firefighters, following a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuit filed, May 2020. According to an order filed on May 11, 2021, in California federal court. U.S. District... — Updated 6/3/2021


Soroptimist 2021 Blue Book Additions, Changes, Deletions

The 54th edition of the Soroptimist of Borrego Springs Phone Directory, popularly known as the Blue Book, is being updated. If you have changes to your listing or are new to the community and wish to be in the 2022 Blue Book, please send an e-mail to Be... — Updated 6/2/2021


Meta Skin Studio Opens

The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce held a small, intimate gathering for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new business in Borrego, Meta Skin Studio, located at The Mall. This ceremony was the first ribbon cutting event... — Updated 5/21/2021


Ranchita Burns, Yeti Survives

After a tragic fire broke out, causing over $350,000 worth of damages to the Montezuma Valley Market in Ranchita on April 18, a family is now attempting to rebuild what was lost. Crews responded to the fire at around 1:30 a.m.,... — Updated 5/7/2021


Borrego Salutes

A Grateful Community Drives Home a Message of Thanks – The Community is grateful to CalFire and local fire department paramedics for stepping up to provide local COVID-19 vaccinations in Borrego Springs. On April 18, Borregans tu... — Updated 5/6/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Borrego Bat Research

Let's call him the Batman of Borrego. While Don Endicott is not a caped crusader, he is a self-taught naturalist who is fiercely dedicated to studying and protecting nature and wildlife. You could also call him the bighorn census t... — Updated 5/6/2021


Montezuma Valley Market Update

Thank you so much!! We are getting a lot of attention and support. We are moving forward with purchasing the lot. This way all the rebuild will be ours. Clean up has started and we've completed a walk through with our general contractor on whats needed. Unfortunately everything... — Updated 5/6/2021


Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

We hope you awesomely celebrated Earth Day last week! As much as we love honoring it each year, we think it is a day that should be celebrated every day! We asked some of our Parks’ experts on their best tips for how to celebrate Earth Day every day, and here is what they had... — Updated 5/4/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Why Doesn't the Moon Rotate?

Here we are, already at the end of April, and with this season comes some beautiful evening weather to help us enjoy our night sky viewing. This week, the full moon illuminates our sky on Monday, April 26, and as the full moon... — Updated 5/4/2021


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