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The Borrego Sun is a bimonthly award-winning newspaper (published every other Thursday) this is Borrego's only source of local news. Subscribers receive the paper in the mail and keep it in their home until the next issue arrives. Newspapers are also sold in street racks or indoors throughout Borrego Springs and selected surrounding communities. Our circulation currently hovers around 4,000. The Borrego Sun covers community and regional issues and is recognized for the quality of its content and attractive presentation. In 2014, the Borrego Sun celebrated 65 years in print, and will continue in print, even with the 2015 introduction of our new website at

Our advertising rates are nominal and we have a talented graphic staff that can turn your ideas into attractive, productive advertisements. Call us today to advertise and subscribe.

Advertising is easy in the Borrego Sun. Display ads can be made to specific standard sizes:

Full Page / Half Page / Quarter Page / Sixth Page / Eighth Page …. Or can be custom made by the column inch.

The most effective and least expensive way to advertise in the Sun is with a D RATE Advertising Contract:

You are paying for insertion space - Commit to a smaller ad all year - in 26 issues - and when you need to advertise BIG, you automatically get the lowest rates! That makes a Full Page ad go from $616 per insertion, down to $326.75 instead, because you've advertised all year.

We offer three contracts for frequent insertion:

D RATE is for 26 insertions, all year.

C RATE is for 13 insertions, in six months or in every other issue of the year.

B RATE is for 6 insertions in six months' time.

SPOT COLOR is an additional $70 per insertion, and allows you one color plus black and white.

FULL COLOR is an additional $260 per insertion, no matter what size the ad is - four printing plates must be made.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING is $9.99 for four text lines or less, and $2.50 for each additional line, per insertion.

CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADS are based on the column inch rates shown on our RATE SHEET.

WEB ADVERTISING will be available to those clients taking at least an 1/8 page ad in our printed publication, and some may include web-linking for an added price.