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7:00 p.m. Somethings Happening?

7:00 p.m. Somethings Happening?

Tickets available at the door so be sure to be at the Borrego Springs Theater tonight at 7:00 p.m for a 7:30 start. Fred Jee has been in to the Borrego Sun offices today with the delightful Jennifer Goodenberger, pianist... — Updated 02/22/2017

Girls Play Borrego ...

For the twelth year, Borrego held its breath as forty girls tore through town and streaked across the golf courses. The 12th Annual Borrego Girls Weekend saw a forty strong group of women kicking up their heels in Carlies after... — Updated 02/22/2017

Sahara Mustard Fight Heats Up

“With the completion of Phase I of a three-phase project seeking a biocontrol agent for Sahara mustard (, the Tubb Canyon Desert Conservancy (TCDC), the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and the Steele/Burnand Desert Research Center have become the... — Updated 02/22/2017

Irwin Pre-Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Don Irwin doesn't play in Pickle Ball tournaments anymore, but the spry 90-year old is still alive (see photos for multiple verification) and playing the game, urging other seniors to take up the rapidly exploding sport. The 2nd... — Updated 02/22/2017

Sahara Mustard Greens Recipe

1. Sahara Mustard leaves (detached from stems) to fill a one gallon Ziplock bag (14oz) 2. Onion sliced and browned (7 oz) 3. Garlic (unpealed) and grated (2 oz) 4. Carrot (unpealed) and grated (2 oz) 5. Bell pepper sliced (3 oz)... — Updated 02/22/2017

4 x 4 Fun over Presidents Day

People made use of the three day weekend in honor of Presidents Day, by taking to the mountains. A convoy of around forty jeep owners met at Christmas Circle before heading off through town for some 4 x 4... — Updated 02/22/2017

Active Shooter Training

Forces throughout the area joined forces today to run Active Shooter training at the Borrego High School. Borrego Fire Department dealt with volunteer 'victims' and Rangers from Anza-Borrego and Ocotillo Wells State Parks, were... — Updated 02/22/2017

Michael and Denny Go Shrimping

It was a “suggestion” by Borrego Sun publisher Patrick Meehan on January 25 during our weekly staff meeting: Denny DuVall and I should go out to Clark Dry Lake and locate brine shrimp that supposedly had emerged after the recent heavy and persistent rains. Then, editor... — Updated 02/22/2017

Borrego Blurb

Rumor has it, that our 'Texas Charm' and shining light in the darkness, has left town. Food and beverage manager Aimee Ball, left her position at Borrego Springs Resort without warning. Featured in Feb. 9 issue of the Borrego Sun and well liked by staff and patrons, it will be a... — Updated 02/22/2017

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