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Chamber – It's Never Easy to Say Goodbye

It is with great sadness that this column is about losing a colleague and a friend. I, along with our board of directors, and volunteer team, are still reeling from the loss of Mike Himmerich, a long time Chamber volunteer, member, friend and steward of Borrego Springs. Over the p... — Updated 8/1/2022


Chamber Welcomes Travel Show

In the blink of an eye, Samantha Brown and her film crew were in Borrego Springs the evening of June 13 staying at La Casa Del Zorro and the morning of June 14. With the help of Chamber Team Member George Thompson as lead driver and local information expert, along with Okie... — Updated 8/1/2022


Chamber Seeks Parade Lovers

The 56th Annual Borrego Days Festival, scheduled for October 22 – 23, is already in production mode and once again dealing with more challenging times. With the rapid rise in costs, the Chamber is making sure that the Festival continues with its family fun traditions to be the... — Updated 6/27/2022


Chambers Negative and Positive

I truly wanted to start out with the positive, however, that’s not the case as Borrego Springs once again has to face the battle of keeping another Sexually Violent Predator out of the area. A Chamber community eblast was sent on June 1 regarding what Borregans need to do and... — Updated 6/13/2022


Chamber's Busy Schedule

As we jump into the triple digits the only thing slowing down at the Chamber is the amount of foot traffic and the calls asking if there is a super bloom! Before we talk about work, let’s welcome new-returning long-longtime members James and Lisa McNatt and their company... — Updated 6/2/2022


Chamber Embraces May

May has arrived and with somewhat of a tourism slowdown. However, this won’t last because the Chamber has seen an increase in travel-scouts visiting Borrego Springs to map out their groups upcoming trips in September, October and into 2023. We didn’t see much of this in 2021,... — Updated 5/16/2022


Chamber Cinco de Mayo Sundowner/Mixer

As I write this, it is only mid-April and our taxes are due! This also means that work begins on the 2022 – 23 Embrace Borrego Guide, Borrego Days 56 is now in the conversation, new marketing campaigns are in progress and we still have visitors stopping by the Chamber... — Updated 5/3/2022


Chamber News

There’s so much to talk about and the best way to begin is by welcoming these new members to the Chamber starting with Mark Sutton. I remember Mr. Sutton telling me back in 2020, “When the Sundowners come back I’ll rejoin,” and true to his word he was. With check in-hand,... — Updated 4/15/2022


Chamber Mixes it Up

After a two year hiatus, the Chamber of Commerce held a St. Patrick’s Day Sundowner/Mixer. With 70 plus attendees filling up Arches Restaurant and spilling over into the patio and bar area the scene was set for a lighthearted and enjoyable evening. Our host location, the... — Updated 4/1/2022


Chamber Comments

Just when we thought our stress levels might fall as the masks came off and the infection numbers came down, we are now faced with the tragic situation in Ukraine, which once again ultimately affects us all. So many of you are finding ways to help, and from a daughter whose... — Updated 3/18/2022


Chamber Compares Growth Versus Visitors

March has come roaring in and so have the snowbirds, the season almost feels like old times. However, for many new residents who moved to Borrego during the pandemic, this population boom has come as a big surprise and a lot of questions. Recently, I had a new member visit the... — Updated 3/11/2022


Chamber Discontinues Faxing Service

In a recent Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce E-Blast, the Chamber has announced that they will be discontinuing their faxing service. This change comes after several fraudulent fax requests. “We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume in the fut... — Updated 3/1/2022


Chamber Welcomes Area Spotlight

February is finding itself to bring many spotlights on the Borrego Springs area which is an economic boost for everyone. However before I share some of the happenings I do need to make a correction (as yes I freely admit I do make mistakes) regarding a new President’s Club... — Updated 2/25/2022


Chamber's A Busy Place

February ‘the month of love’ is here and wow, can we all use some love. So many locals and visitors have remarked about the high stress level everyone seems to be under and how a small occurrence can set off a tirade. Please take a moment and a deep breath when you sense a... — Updated 2/8/2022


Chamber's A Busy Place

Hard to believe we’ve passed the January midway point, but time is shifting us into season-high gear. So far this month we’ve had visitors from British Columbia, Alberta, Australia, France and from across the U.S. It is interesting to hear why people come to Borrego Springs... — Updated 1/24/2022


Chamber's Ready for 2022

Happy New Year! This is normally the time when everyone is sharing New Year’s resolutions, but here at the Chamber we are ready to get our full season underway and that means continuing to deal with the ever changing Covid guidelines, welcoming new visitors, residents and... — Updated 1/6/2022


Chamber Closes Out 2021

This is it, our last Chamber Update for 2021! The past year has certainly had its ups and downs affecting all of us in different ways. One thing for certain is that the community of Borrego Springs stayed united (despite the differences of opinions) throughout it all. We’ve... — Updated 12/29/2021


Chamber Cheer!

December is here and if November is any indication of our snowbirds coming back, then the season is going to be a busy one! Let’s welcome the following new Chamber members, the Under the Sun Foundation, Bill Hall – Owner of W.J. Hall Construction and Home Repairs, as well as... — Updated 12/15/2021


Chamber Thanks Christmas Circle Foundation

From June through Borrego Days I must have said, written, posted and read the words “Christmas Circle Community Park” over a thousand times! However, what I failed to do was make sure that everyone on the Christmas Circle Community Park, Inc., Board of Directors and all... — Updated 12/1/2021


Chamber Brings October Excitement

Our first excitement in October is welcoming two new members to the Chamber, and they are the Borrego Ministers’ Association and Kendall’s Café. You’ll find more information about these exceptional new members on the Chamber website: Time is flying by as... — Updated 10/18/2021


Chamber Welcomes Fall

At this point anything below 100 degrees is a welcome experience and before you know it we’ll be grabbing sweaters for our morning outings. Since we’re on the subject of welcomes, the Chamber is thrilled to have the Borrego Valley Airport back as a member, with the airport... — Updated 10/1/2021


Chamber Says "Get Ready for Borrego Days"

Now that the Chamber/Welcome Center is back open five days a week, we’ve caught up on the daily phone calls with over 50% of them asking about Borrego Days. “Is it happening, please send a vendors permit, how can I volunteer and of course will there be a super bloom next... — Updated 9/21/2021


Chamber Brings Good News

For the Chamber which is normally closed in the month of August, it has been a whirlwind of activity behind the closed doors. It all began with the disturbing SVP Merle Wakefield announcement where we quickly set the response ball in motion, arranging the Community Town Hall,... — Updated 9/7/2021


Chamber in August

As we moved into August it was so wonderful to feel the raindrops in July. Not nearly as much rain as we would have liked or needed, but still a refreshing occurrence. Welcome to new members, Konki & Rick Jarvis and The Propeller Bar & Grill. I’m happy to say that Konki will be... — Updated 8/13/2021


Chamber Welcomes New Members

Yes it’s summer and hot, however that doesn’t mean the world nor Borrego Springs shuts down. Many years ago that’s what did happen in desert communities but as the years went by more homeowners became year-round residents and the visitors just kept coming. With that said... — Updated 7/19/2021


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