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DAP Takes Over Borrego Health

On July 31, DAP Health, a federally qualified Health Center (FQHC), became the new owner of Borrego Community Healthcare Foundation’s (Borrego Health) assets. Purchasing the 18 remaining clinics with the auction bid of $50 million, DAP Health, originally the Desert Aids... — Updated 9/14/2023


BH: Judge Approves Sale

Judge Laura Taylor, San Diego County U.S. Bankruptcy Court, has approved DAP Health’s bid to acquire substantially all the assets of Borrego Health. This follows the Feb. 15, 2023, announcement that the Borrego Health Board of Trustees had selected DAP Health’s $50 million... — Updated 3/16/2023


Borrego Health Sale

DAP Health was chosen by the Borrego Community Health Foundation Board of Trustees to acquire the Borrego Health clinics and remaining assets through an auction held as part of the Foundation’s Bankruptcy Court proceedings. This after FBI/DOJ raids in 2020; fumbling around for... — Updated 3/6/2023


Borrego Health: A Brief History

The history and transitions of the Borrego Springs Clinic is tied and bound to the vision of Borrego’s founders. It’s a tale untold and sometimes confusing. There are gaps or perhaps inaccuracies in the history due to the lack of documentation, and much must be garnered from t... — Updated 2/2/2023


Can Caring Group Save Clinic?

With the bankruptcy filing, and now the proposed auction of the clinics, and all of Borrego Health’s assets, it’s very difficult to predict how one, lone, local clinic will fare. And, as an essential element of a vital and healthy home town, the fate of the Borrego Springs... — Updated 12/20/2022


Borrego Health Gets High Marks from the Patient Care Ombudsman

A Court report finds Borrego Health is delivering quality care at all of its clinics, despite its financial and legal challenges. The latest media release from Borrego Health’s spokesperson, Dan Kramer, proudly announces that Borrego Health’s Patient Care Ombudsman (PCO)... — Updated 12/2/2022


BH: Request to Auction Clinics

In what Borrego Health Board of Trustees is calling, “A proactive decision to protect continuity of care for at risk patients,” a media release dated Nov. 11, 2022, announced, “A formal process to explore options for transferring operations of Borrego Health clinics to a... — Updated 11/28/2022


Correction: Borrego Health

In the previous issue of the Borrego Sun (Oct. 13, 2022) in the article on Borrego Health’s Bankruptcy proceedings announcing the Judge’s decision to stay the state Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) suspension of Medi-Cal funding, (Page 1: “Judge Reinstates... — Updated 11/2/2022


Judge Reinstates Medi-Cal Funding

Bankruptcy Judge Laura Taylor told the state Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) that it cannot permanently suspend Medi-Cal payments to Borrego Health, and advised Managed Healthcare Plan providers to halt any future transfers of Borrego Health patients to other clinics,... — Updated 10/18/2022


One Last Shot at Survival

From its meteoric rise to the “fastest growing, largest, and most expensive federally qualified Health Center (FQHC)” in only a few years; and after three years continuous reporting of alleged fraud and corruption, culminating in an ongoing FBI/ DOJ investigation, the Borrego... — Updated 10/12/2022


BCHF Timeline of Events

The Borrego Community Health Foundation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after receiving a notification from the California Health and Human Services that payments for Borrego Health Medi-Cal services will be suspended Sept. 29. Following is a timeline of events, predating the susp... — Updated 10/12/2022


New Employment for BCHF Employees

The San Diego American Indian Health Center (SDAIHC) recently posted new members of their staff. What a surprise to learn they had hired Karen Hebets, wife and co-conspirator of Borrego Health’s criminal mastermind, Bruce Hebets, former CEO, now deceased. But that’s not all,... — Updated 9/27/2022


BH Files for Relief, Chapter 11

A statement released by Dan Kramer, spokesman and public relations consultant for Borrego Health, on Sept. 12. Borrego Community Health Foundation (Borrego Health) announced that it has filed a petition for relief under Chapter 11 protection of the United States Bankruptcy Code... — Updated 9/20/2022


Bad News for BH, Worse News for Patients

On August 19, Borrego Health’s administrative offices, individual clinics, and others outside of the organization were notified by the State of California Health and Human Services Agency – Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) that the state intends to reimpose its 100%... — Updated 9/19/2022


Living In A Surreal World – BH Celebrates New Clinic Opening

Excitement and joy filled each space in the new Coachella Valley Community Health Center in Coachella as Ana Hernandez led a small group of visitors through the clinic. The new 41,000-square-foot, two-story space, which opened... — Updated 9/7/2022


The Full Scope of Borrego Health Fraud, Lawsuit

Borrego Community Health Foundation (Borrego Health) recently filed a lawsuit to regain funds stolen from state and federal Medicare, Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal funds, and bring the people to justice that conspired to violate the laws and mission of the non-profit health network.... — Updated 8/26/2022


BCHF Finally Exposed

Borrego Community Health Foundation (Borrego Health) has admitted to fraudulent activities and criminal conspiracies within the organization; and filed a RICO, Racketeering lawsuit against 49 of the Foundation’s former board members, former CEO’s, officers, 15 contract... — Updated 8/19/2022


BCHF Lawsuit

Here’s what the Borrego Sun has been writing about for six years: An insider’s look at where all the money went, and who stole it. Borrego Health is suing itself for fraud within the organization and individuals responsible for stealing money from the taxpayer-supported... — Updated 8/9/2022


From Sandra Hansberger, Chair of the Borrego Health Board of Trustees

Hansberger comments on the Borrego Health’s federal lawsuit: “Borrego Health believes the complaint is a necessary step toward holding wrongdoers responsible and recouping losses sustained by the organization due to the wrongdoers’ actions. Also, as Borrego Health operates u... — Updated 8/3/2022


BCHF: Changing Image

Borrego Community Health Foundation (Borrego Health) has been very busy. And the Foundation’s Crisis Communications Team has been doing a good job of advising the media of Borrego Health’s activities. Maybe, it’s because they are tired of having their spin upstaged by the... — Updated 8/1/2022


BCHF: Raiding Healthcare Pays

Why is the Borrego Sun still writing about Borrego Health and its legal issues? Some readers may have lost interest, feel it doesn’t impact them and gone on with their lives. Others feel the Sun is beating a dead horse and should be supporting the local clinic in this difficult... — Updated 8/1/2022


Breaking News: Borrego Health Sues Itself

Borrego Health has finally admitted to fraudulent activities and criminal conspiracies within the organization; and has filed a RICO, Racketeering lawsuit against 50 of the Foundation’s former board members, officers, contract dentists, Premier Healthcare Management, many other... — Updated 8/1/2022


BCHF: When Words Don't Match Reality

Borrego Community Health Foundation (BCHF) took another action, “To protect the long-term access to local care,” announcing layoffs of 218 employees, in addition to the 113 terminated on February 1, 2021. The May 25, 2022 announcement was in the form of a press release from... — Updated 6/16/2022


Borrego Health Loses Lawsuit

On March 2, 2022, Judge M. James Lorenz, of the United States District Court of Southern California, declined to exercise Borrego Health’s request for supplemental jurisdiction over state law claims in the Borrego Community Health Foundation v. Inland Valley Investments LLC; Pro... — Updated 5/25/2022


BCHF: True or Not?

To quote Sandra Hansberger, Chair of the Borrego Community Health Foundation (BCHF), “Everything you read in the Borrego Sun is not true.” She’s right. The Borrego Sun often relies on tips from credible sources to ferret out new information. Rumors are like the old saying,... — Updated 5/10/2022


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