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Last updated 11/9/2023 at 1:11pm

As hard as we are working to make Borrego Days another wonderful event, it saddens me that there are those in the community who continuously talk negatively about the Festival because there is no parade. Where were you when I constantly put the call out for a volunteer parade committee from November to May?

With that said, I recently had a telephone conversation with a visitor coming for Borrego Days. In our conversation this fellow said “I hope there is a parade, it’s the best part.” I replied, “No, the entire two day festival is the best part,” and then I went on to explain that after numerous calls to the community for a parade committee, there wasn’t a committed group willing to do it once they were given the information regarding County guidelines, etc.

He thought for a minute and said “You’re right and I completely understand, and you know what, we had a great time last year without the parade.” So please.............before you talk-down about the entire Festival because of no parade, myself and the board of directors would love a parade, but we need a committed group of volunteers by June 1, to run let’s try for 2024!

Besides that, a lot is happening at the Chamber and behind the scenes, one being the new 23 – 24 visitor’s guide is finished and to the press. We’ll launch the new guide at Borrego Days along with a new Honorary Mayor, community awards, a Meet CAL Fire Ceremony and much, much more! I’m constantly tweaking the Festival website so make sure you visit My last 30 day check has over 11,000 visitors to site….woo hoo!

But that’s not all, new vendors are requesting to be at the Chamber Certified Farmers Market, not everyone will get in as I strive not to have duplicates, but trust me they are all unique. I’m also tackling the annual County permitting process for the market, so much paperwork. What happened to our paperless world?

To sign up for the free Chamber Weekly eblast sent every Wednesday and available for everyone, simply send an email to with the word eblast in the subject line, we’ll do the rest. Para el correo semanal de la Cámara, envíenos un mensaje a con la palabra “español” en el título.

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center



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