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The Visitors Are Coming


Last updated 2/15/2024 at 11:44am

From here on out until the middle of May it’s going to be nonstop action in Borrego Springs. From events to large organizations and visitors coming to town, Borrego Springs will be in the spotlight for the all the world to see.

So here’s a friendly reminder to take a look at your business (and even home) and make sure it sparkles. Every week at the Chamber I do several walkabouts looking for trash, dead bushes or anything that might be broken or look out of place. I love it when visitors compliment us about the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce and how lovely Borrego Springs is in general.

Let’s try this again. Coffee from Mr. Brown Bean will be a new vendor at the Chamber Certified Farmers Market. Selling fresh roasted beans and assorted coffee drinks, Mr. Brown Bean will be located next to our new wine vendor Scenic Valley Wine. Welcome to all of our new vendors!

A few market guidelines, the market opens for selling at 8 a.m., dogs must be on a short leash as the attendees have made several complaints about getting tripped up in long leashes, and finally it is the pet owners responsibility to pick up after their pets (not the vendors or the market staff.) Thank you.

To sign up for the free Chamber Weekly eblast sent every Wednesday and available for everyone, send an email to with the word eblast in the subject line, we’ll do the rest.

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center