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Cause for Concern

With ninety-four percent of students at Borrego Springs High School receiving free school meals, they have been classified as growing up in ‘at risk’ situations. Students and their families, face the day-to- day reality of... — Updated 3/27/2017

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Borrego Days Lives....

The Chamber of Commerce met behind closed doors recently to hash out this years big question. ‘Do we lose Borrego Days or do we make it work?’ The answer – we make it work and go forward. “There will be changes in fundraising, staging and budget” said Executive Director... — Updated 3/8/2017

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Happy Thanksgiving

All the staff at the Borrego Sun would like to wish all our readers, advertisers and supporters a Happy Thanksgiving. This year has seen a lot of new faces welcomed in to the Borrego family. Visitors, holiday makers and new... — Updated 11/27/2016

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Nasty Grrls!!!!

Made up of two riders and one crew member, the Nasty Grrls came together for the first time to race as a relay team in the World Time Trial Championships. Lisa Bliss from Ellensburg, Washington, and part time de Anza resident... — Updated 11/26/2016

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Pints for Parks at Borrego Outfitters

Borrego Outfitters hosted 'Pints for the Park' this weekend to benefit the Anza-Borrego Foundation as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Despite initial concerns regarding the event being hosted on the same day as Borrego... — Updated 10/24/2016

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Groundwater Sustainability Plan - Update

Following yesterdays meeting, the Memorandum of Understanding in regards to the Groundwater Sustainability Plan was unanimously agreed between all parties. Working in conjunction with the Borrego Water District, the State of California requires that the Plan be complete by 2020.... — Updated 10/20/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Interact Club - The Gift of Giving

Interact Club? That’s the response most people have when hearing the words. Same one that I had the first time I heard about it. An important part of the school and community not just in Borrego but reaching out across the globe. The members of the club sacrifice lunch times,... — Updated 10/17/2016


Borrego's Little Haven

The Spa at Borrego Springs Resort held an open day Tues. Oct. 11, marking the start of Cindy Lainton's first winter season as manager. Food, bubbly and a raffle draw drew in the guests but it was the charm and professionalism of... — Updated 10/17/2016

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SuperFam Trip - Highlights

As usual the sun shone over Borrego Springs as representatives of the travel industry from the UK, Scotland and Ireland turned up at Christmas Circle. The welcoming party was sponsored by the Borrego Sun but couldn't have been... — Updated 10/15/2016

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Borrego Rentals/Turnkey Merge

When it was announced that the Gallardo family would be moving out of Borrego, the first thought on most people’s minds, was, “What about Borrego Rental?” Well the company isn’t going anywhere, in fact it is merging,... — Updated 10/6/2016

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Murder update answers some questions

Loud voices, shouting and yelling were interspersed with the sound of the barks from a panicked dog. That’s what neighbors reported hearing, yet it hadn’t been enough to raise concern as it hadn’t been the first time that it had happened. The only difference this time is... — Updated 9/27/2016

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Helicopter Rescue off Indian Head

An eye witness reported a helicopter circling around Indian Head this morning in what ended up being a rescue of a stranded hiker. W. W. Harpst III. a resident of Julian, spends a lot of time hiking the trails and photographing... — Updated 9/20/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Killing the Colorado River

Imperial Valley farmers are coming under increasing scrutiny for using the vast majority of the state's water. A desire to utilize the consistent weather despite the natural resources available, will always be an impossible balanci... — Updated 9/2/2016


Borrego Springs Library - Creating Ideas, Creating Inventors

New technology can be daunting no matter what age you are. With the constant modernization of computers, printers and cell phones it can feel as though you need to learn a new language with every technological development and somet... — Updated 7/17/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News


80% of Borrego Springs Elementary School children are eligible for the Free & Reduced Meal Program (FRPM), that doesn't even bring in to the equation children from the middle or high schools. In Julian, 60% of the elementary sc... — Updated 7/1/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Welcome to the 'Cool Zone'

As the temperatures rose, Fox 5 San Diego rolled in to town and residents sought out their 'Cool Zone'. Michael Voss, Branch Manager for the Borrego Springs Library says he and his assistant manager Diana, are "Glad to come down, o... — Updated 6/30/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Borrego & Julian Libraries - Feeding America

Borrego Springs library, headed by Michael Voss and Julian library, headed by Colleen Baker and their respective teams, will be hosting Feeding America San Diego's Summer Meal Program in conjunction with the California Library... — Updated 6/24/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Borrego Springs Library - Michael Voss

Speaking to Michael Voss the other day, I started off with one simple question "What's happening at the library?," it would have been a lot quicker to ask him, "What's not happening at the library?." As usual, Michael and his team... — Updated 6/22/2016


RAAM's Race Across the West

The first cyclists came through Borrego Springs in a blur, as the riders continue on their epic Race Across the West (RAW). Starting from the beach in Oceanside and finishing on the Animas River in the cycling mecca of Durango, CO.... — Updated 6/20/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Simbol Materials. Files for Bankruptcy

'Simbol Materials Inc. began with a vision' that is the opening line on their website. Simbol Materials, the subsidiary company created to operate the Lithium plant, sitting on the edge of the Salton Sea, which was to bring hope... — Updated 6/3/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

The Truth is..

'The truth is out there' as the saying goes and the advice is to trust no one. In case anyone doubts that the residents of Borrego Springs have a sense of humor, the good folk at the Borrego High School have come up with a new... — Updated 5/26/2016


2016 Badwater Salton Sea - Winners

Having followed the racers from their start in Salton City, through to Borrego Springs and on wards, it was only once nightfall had begun to set in that it was time to leave the runners to it. Yolandi Jooste of the Sun did however,... — Updated 5/10/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Badwater Salton Sea

"Because I love Borrego Springs". Hard to argue with Chris Kostman, Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director of AdventureCORPS, Inc. the host and organiser of the Badwater Salton Sea. Having lived in La Jolla and hiked, driven... — Updated 5/4/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Borrego Springs - Star Fall Cafe

A Borrego Springs resident is aiming to raise $350,000 on Kickstarter to fund the Star Fall Café. William Paul Pinochle Plumlee, describes himself as an artist and writer living with HIV, and currently homeless. Currently with 26... — Updated 3/27/2016

 By Suzanne Howarth    News

Borrego Springs – UFO Third Sighting

The night sky over Southern California was lit up once again on Dec. 22 by a fireball which had social media ablaze with theories. Described by some as a plane on fire or as a meteorite, the videos taken from the ground clearly... — Updated 1/31/2016


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