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Interact Club - The Gift of Giving


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Interact Club? That’s the response most people have when hearing the words. Same one that I had the first time I heard about it. An important part of the school and community not just in Borrego but reaching out across the globe. The members of the club sacrifice lunch times, after school and weekends in order to grow as people and make good things happen during bad times. And to be honest they could teach a few adults a thing or two about communication, professionalism and respect when conducting a meeting. Justin Lopez, is in his first year of being President of the Interact Club. When asked what his essential duties are, he replied "We are all equal in the club, I just monitor and run the meetings. I also make motions, as well as present ideas to the group." Despite the large group and their young age, the President wealds his gavel with calm authority, the discussions stay on topic and everyone listens to each other’s opinions.

In September of this year, they attended workshops designed to teach them leadership and public speaking. By volunteering to raise money through ‘Coins for Heaven’, another International project will benefit from the generosity of our high school Students. Aurora Ramerez, the groups Treasurer stated that "when we fundraise, I am the one that will take and count the money. Interact club use their money for events and other fundraisers, as well as a philanthropy project we vote on. Last year it was the 'Mewat Project;’ helping woman in the Mewat village, located in the outskirts of New Deli, get running water and restroom facilities. This year, we will be fundraising for an orphanage in Liberia – they are in desperate need of supplies, especially school supplies."

Leyssa Garcia, the current Secretary, takes minutes, emails them to the group and has been an active member for 4 years. “It’s amazing” she says “everyone is so supportive of each other and I learn so much by being a part of it.” The general feeling of the group is that they join to gain a feeling of satisfaction at being able to help others, a camaraderie of extended family and a place in Borrego, a town that encourages philanthropy and generosity of spirit. The next time you hear about the Interact Club or see the members volunteering, remember how much hard work and discipline the younger residents demonstrate in spreading the good name of Borrego across the World. Lighten your pockets, knowing the change you donate grows hope in inspiring the future benefactors of the town.

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