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Last updated 3/27/2016 at 7:57am

Potential Location of Star Fall Cafe

A Borrego Springs resident is aiming to raise $350,000 on Kickstarter to fund the Star Fall Café.

William Paul Pinochle Plumlee, describes himself as an artist and writer living with HIV, and currently homeless. Currently with 26 days left on his Kickstarter proposal, Plumlee is yet to make a dent in the mammoth task in front of him. Yet a project aimed at promoting 'peace, love and community' is bound to find a few angels willing to support him.

The aim is to rehabilitate a derelict gas station situated just outside Borrego and turn it into a restaurant and organic farm capable of producing the bulk of the food needed to support the restaurant, plus enough to sell raw milk, raw milk products, meat, eggs, produce, and raw honey to the local community, and visitors to the area.

Plumlee states, "The space is large enough to develop an attached community, and provide low cost space to artists, writers, and also displaced persons, and other rebel misfits like me. Also it could perhaps include a safe space for the homeless with cognitive debilities, and recovering addicts".

With plans in place to create a self-sustainable industry as well as creating employment and sanctuary for those in need, Plumlee's vision goes even further as he sees the property as "large enough to develop a low impact retreat for events, like artist's and spiritual retreats, and community gatherings".

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