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Last updated 10/6/2016 at 12:44pm

Jennifer Gallardo, former owner of Borrego Rentals and Account Manager for TurnKeyVR and Lisa Riding, General Manager of Palm Springs and Borrego Springs at TurnKeyVR

When it was announced that the Gallardo family would be moving out of Borrego, the first thought on most people’s minds, was, “What about Borrego Rental?” Well the company isn’t going anywhere, in fact it is merging, expanding and getting stronger. Jennifer Gallardo is the first to admit that the passion for the business and her clients is still as strong as when she bought the business two and a half years ago, however she lacked the time and resources to dedicate as much of herself, as she felt the homeowners deserve.

Turnkey Vacation Rentals, Inc., are offering the support and growth that will see investment properties gain more exposure and increased bookings. Although Turnkey are a national, full-service vacation rental manager, the company intends to maintain the Borrego connection. Not only will Jennifer continue working as an account manager, but they have added a full-time field operations position; this person will live in Borrego Springs year-round and manage the day to-day operations and be the local representative for the company. The same cleaning staff have been retained and the business will continue to give back to the community as local vendors are their preferred method for repairs and maintenance.

TurnKey will also maintain the 760-767-4040 phone number, and eventually forward the Borrego Rentals website to merge onto theirs as the “Borrego Springs market” and the office location will remain. Turnkey came to Jennifer’s attention following a surprise call. When her phone rang, it was an intern for the Destiny Church in Indio. “He asked me if there was anything I would like them to pray about. I was shocked. I have never received a phone call like this before from a complete stranger and I said yes. I told him I need to find a buyer for my business.” Through word of mouth and church connections, that simple phone call brought Jennifer and Borrego Springs an opportunity she could only dream of. “I get to continue doing what I love,” said Jennifer “Turnkey can provide owners visibility on over twenty rental websites. I’m sad to be leaving Borrego but I get to keep growing my customer relationships and together we can help them have a more profitable investment. Who wouldn’t want that?”

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