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Welcome to the 'Cool Zone'


Last updated 6/30/2016 at 11:59am

As the temperatures rose, Fox 5 San Diego rolled in to town and residents sought out their 'Cool Zone'.

Michael Voss, Branch Manager for the Borrego Springs Library says he and his assistant manager Diana, are "Glad to come down, open up and get it as cool as possible."

As the searing heat arrives, the visitors and part-time residents depart. But for the full time Borregan, the struggle continues on a daily basis as to how to keep safe in the heat. A lot of the shops close through the summer, which limits opportunities to get out of the heat. "It's hard," says Voss, "trailers can stay as hot as 94f even with air conditioners working. We have an elderly couple who come to the library as their water isn't working, so their evaporation cooler isn't working. Electricity bills can be around $400 a month in the summer, so it is easier to keep houses warm during the day and only cool them at night."

As well as keeping an eye on the weather themselves, staff are brought up to date on expected hot spells by the customers, eager to make use of the facilities.

The library was opened for extended hours over the past couple of days which saw the staff welcoming 85 customers on Sunday, June 19, and over 120 people through the doors Mon. June. 20.

Borrego Springs is only one of 3 or 4 branches according to Voss, in the San Diego district to have 3D printing technology. "It's great," said Voss, "We have the kids printing out toys on the 3D printer, adults using it to create products through Opensource software, as well as people reading and knitting."

Michael Voss and his team are expecting to be open for many more 'Cool Zone' days through the summer and he is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the library. "We even put out lemonade & iced water for people. Free of charge."

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