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The Truth is..


Last updated 5/26/2016 at 10:34am

'The truth is out there' as the saying goes and the advice is to trust no one.

In case anyone doubts that the residents of Borrego Springs have a sense of humor, the good folk at the Borrego High School have come up with a new game.

I'm calling it 'Yo! Yolandi' and the rules are as follows:

Create an event and spend 5 minutes typing it up to make it look official.

Slip the flyer to the Sun's roving reporter Yolandi Jooste and walk away quietly.

Watch to see that she turns up to 'the event' before locking the doors and running to hide.

Shouting 'Yo! Yolandi' from your hiding place is purely optional.

The only other sensible explanation is, with all the strange goings on across our night skies lately, the UFOs made a daytime visit and a quick abduction before politely locking up after themselves.

If anyone does know the whereabouts of the Spring Sports Banquet that was supposed to be being held in the community room May. 23 at 7 p.m, please let me know. I promise to tell no one.


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