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Yolandi Jooste

The Spa at Borrego Springs Resort held an open day Tues. Oct. 11, marking the start of Cindy Lainton's first winter season as manager. Food, bubbly and a raffle draw drew in the guests but it was the charm and professionalism of Cindy and her staff that kept them hanging around.

Food, provided by the resort, were on hand to help soak up the bubbly and the tranquil atmosphere of the pool. It's so easy to forget that you're surrounded by golfers and a stone's throw away from a popular restaurant, when you walk through the front door.

Cindy admits that when she first walked through the Spa's doors three years ago, she knew she was going to run the place. Her charisma and professionalism are as refreshing as the facials and the pride she has in her staff is matched only by the enthusiasm the team show to their clients.

After enjoying a free sugar hand massage at the open house, I booked myself a Hydrating facial and Pumpkin facial for the following day. When I arrived, a water main had burst outside the building and Cindy was on the phone organizing clients. Despite the 'disaster', Cindy smiled, reassured me everything was fine and showed me to the changing rooms. The atmosphere remained calm, relaxed and welcoming despite the obvious challenges the morning had brought. Everything was perfect. I like to find a fault and it's irritating that I couldn't, the music wasn't intrusive or too new age, the temperature was just right and Cindy, thankfully, isn't a talker, so you can lie there, forget where you are and just relax. "It's not even like work," says Cindy, "out on the reception desk is work, but when I'm doing a treatment it's as calming for me as it is the client."

Yolandi Jooste

Cindy is possessive of the serenity the Spa offers and is hoping to entice the locals to take advantage of it. "I have clients who come up for the day. They book one treatment and can sit by the pool and relax all day if they want to. The restaurant will also bring them food and drinks. It's an escape from the heat and an escape from Borrego without all the travel." Locals also get a 20% discount on treatments which will be going on through to December and the Pumpkin Facial is on offer from $100 to $80, a treatment through to the end of November, and I highly recommend trying one.

There are big plans in store for the Spa over the coming months, as well as increasing their retail line, a couple of new faces may be joining the team and new benefits for the residents and guests on offer. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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