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Happy Thanksgiving


Last updated 11/27/2016 at 10:12am

All the staff at the Borrego Sun would like to wish all our readers, advertisers and supporters a Happy Thanksgiving.

This year has seen a lot of new faces welcomed in to the Borrego family. Visitors, holiday makers and new residents. We've lost and we have gained.

Personally I'm thankful for the last three months I have been in Borrego. I've made friends and the most amazing memories and caused a little bit of controversy. Sylvia Caldwell's father put up with me stomping on his feet in order to teach me to swing dance at 'Dancing With the Senior Stars'. I have never danced and laughed so much before.

Linda Haddock has embraced me as a friend and a temporary Borregan. She has had me barmaiding and acting as security for events. Okay, I'm not thankful that I had to study and sit an exam for two hours in order to barmaid but I did get to keep the baseball hat that has 'security' stamped across it. I will make use of that.

Yolandi Jooste has been a wonderful friend and I'm thankful that she took me to Fonts Point. I'm also thankful that she is a good enough friend to agree to chaperone me when I think it's a good idea to invite a total stranger to witness the same sights. He was Canadian so genetically bred to be harmless and it wasn't a full moon.

Bunnie and Jack Hamilton have treated me like family, encouraged me (well they didn't physically stop me) to misbehave and made me laugh.

Borrego Springs Resort. What can I say? To Gerry, the best barman and all the boys and girls who have their own seats around the bar. Thank you for making room. Roger, you still have something I want back!

The Bighorn Rams for not making me hike by greeting me in the car park, the scorpion sting that didn't kill me, the fire department for insisting I wasn't going to die and for helping me remove what was left of my toenail (separate incident and for those who are taking count, I'm down to eight since arriving here). Deputy Sheriff Painter for telling me all sorts of ...... with a straight face. I will never trust a man in uniform again.

I'm thankful to everyone who let me interview them, photograph them and on a personal level, welcomed me here. Too many names to mention but from my colleagues (Nancy, Patsy, Kenny, Celeste, Paddie and Denny who have made me smile and laugh) to locals Ann, Delaney and Kim .

Although I go back to England on Monday and will be freezing, soaking wet from the rain and no doubt suffering from chilblains trying to warm one buttock at a time in front of an open fire, I'm going to remember falling over, flashing my boobs and running through the desert naked. I'm also going to remember how warm, welcoming and forgiving (with hopefully a short memory and not willing to testify) the residents of Borrego are. I have a daughter who I am thankful for but no other family. Borrego has been the closest I have felt to having a home.

I'm thankful that I will continue to share in your lives and adventures from England even if I can't be with you in person.

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