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An Artsy Time in Borrego

Dia De Los Muertos (Nov. 2) Borrego Art Institute "For bones are like seeds, everything that dies goes into the earth, and from it new life is born in the sacred cycle of existence." Mesoamerican Mythological Traditions. Origins... — Updated 11/14/2022

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The Art of Flora & Fauna

Main Gallery at the Borrego Art Institute, showing thru Oct. 30. Carol Lindemulder-Special Event Alcove – Introducing the artist's new book, Color and Contrast. Philosophy of Water-The Art Of Weston Riffle – North Gallery.... — Updated 11/2/2022

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Collage, Cha-Cha-Cha, THOBS West Gallery

Elizabeth Rodriguez accomplished curatorial skills are highlighted in Collage Cha Cha Cha at her West Gallery. Show opening on Sunday Oct. 2 was well attended, not only by the public, but as usual, Elizabeth’s interesting shows are well supported by artist’s. Litho Mosaic foun... — Updated 10/18/2022

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"Sally's Kitchen"

Vintage Blue Cheese Dressing Recently, I’ve collected some inspiring, rare vintage cook books at House of Borrego Springs. Owner Elizabeth Rodriguez has a keen collectors eye of collectibles. ‘Add A Pinch of Pizazz,’ Culinary Experiences from the heart of Hollywood, 1979,... — Updated 5/27/2022

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Retrospect Saul Miller, Cartoonist

"The more individuality one finds's in animal's the less one find's in humans" – Chuck Jones Saul Miller's Borrego themed cartoon doodle, 'Bunny and Hare,' has been shown in the Borrego Sun newspaper for 18 years. Elizabeth... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

Art Happenings – BAI, House of Borrego Springs West

Abstract Detritus Celebrating Earth's Elements Borrego Art Institute Absolutely the best show of the season at BAI for exciting, creativity, diverse use of materials, very inspiring and thought provoking. Exquisitely curated by... — Updated 5/3/2022

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The Borrego Art Scene

The Art of Photography Borrego Art Institute Photographer Garret Wood, an accomplished photographer specializing in landscape and architectural photography with a heartfelt passion for the Borrego Springs area, anchored the show... — Updated 3/1/2022

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Sculptural Calculations = Glass Fabrications

With the minimalism of a zen master, complexity of a scientific thinker, sculptress/artist Beth King's show at the West Gallery was a stunning artistic tour de force. Well attended with plenty of discussion and inquiry about the... — Updated 2/25/2022

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

Contemporary Latin American Art at the BAI

The Borrego Art Institute launched 2022 with the 'Contemporary Latin American Art,' show, Jan 8th -January 30th. Featuring many outstanding works of art, the show was well attended and supported by many sales. A lovely companion to... — Updated 1/27/2022

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SoShoMe2 – Consignment Store Opens at The Mall

Bunnie Hamilton and associate Mary Purvis, a long time decorator and interior designer launched, "SoShoMe 2," a consignment store at The Mall, Jan 2. An enthusiastic crowd turned out for the opening many leaving with purchases... — Updated 1/14/2022

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The Art Guild Members Show & Crafted Works Show

The annual Borrego Art Guild Show highlights several creative works by Guild members. The Art Guild is a separate organization from the Borrego Art Institute. Showing in the Institutes smaller North Gallery, The Crafted Works of... — Updated 1/6/2022

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

Gallery West – House of Borrego Springs

Artist Wick Alexander is an enigma. His artwork is full of hidden meaning, riddles, double entendres. Viewers get ready to explore Wicks art now showing at The House Of Borrego, West Gallery, with an inquiring mind. Surface... — Updated 12/15/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

Expressions in the Abstract

Sculptor John Richen 's career spans decades. His timeless works have been commissioned for public spaces, collected nationally and Internationally. Richen's acclaimed artistic legacy is considerable. A long time resident of... — Updated 11/25/2021

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Art Shows in October

Flora, Fauna and Flamenco at the Borrego Art Institute The Art Of Flora and Fauna show currently at the Borrego Art Institute is not specific to artworks that represent Borrego wildlife and nature. However, one might suppose... — Updated 10/22/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The House Of Borrego Springs-West Gallery

Owner of The House Of Borrego Springs-West Gallery, Elizabeth Rodriguez, is an enormously talented curator. The dialogue of the curator is to observe, interpret and build a bridge between the artist, artwork and public. It is a mut... — Updated 10/13/2021

 By Sally Walsh    News

Preservation of Galleta Meadows, Sculptures

Ricardo Breceda's 130 metal sculptures are an iconographical part of Borrego Springs visual landscape and a monumental artistic heritage for the area. Originally, philanthropist Dennis Avery purchased the land for conservation,... — Updated 6/21/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The House of Borrego Springs West Gallery

The House Of Borrego Springs, West Gallery, a companion gallery to the East Gallery, is a jewel of a small gallery with lofty ceiling's and substantial natural light. A perfect home for intimate exhibitions. Three very different... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The Art of Photography Show

"The Art Of Photography," features an eclectic group of photography with works from both seasoned and new emerging photographer's. Several exceptional works anchored the show. Rolland Klein, 'Desert Sentinel,' a thoughtful landscap... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

The Revenge Of Vinyl

In the age of Spotify, iTunes and online streaming music platforms, it is interesting to know that vinyl LP sales have been steadily rising. If you consider yourself a true music lover and have a record player or are curious about... — Updated 5/4/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

Cavalcade Of Wonders & Cabinet Of Curiosities

You’re invited to enter the complex, artistically sometimes theatrical, world of Pasadena artist Laura Hackney. Showing now at the House of Borrego Springs, East Gallery. Curated by Elizabeth Rodriguez, gallery owner, the show features iconographical, hand crafted character... — Updated 4/6/2021

 By Sally Walsh    Arts

15th Annual Plein Air Invitational

The 15th Annual Plein Air Invitational Artists Reception and Awards were held Saturday afternoon, March 6th, at the Borrego Art Institute. This show featured an accomplished, award-winning group of extremely talented artists. Award... — Updated 3/29/2021

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