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Retrospect Saul Miller, Cartoonist


Last updated 5/19/2022 at 1:09pm

"The more individuality one finds's in animal's the less one find's in humans" – Chuck Jones

Saul Miller's Borrego themed cartoon doodle, 'Bunny and Hare,' has been shown in the Borrego Sun newspaper for 18 years. Elizabeth Rodriguez, House of Borrego Springs, curated a charming, retrospect representing the entire 18 years of Saul's cartoon drawings for the paper.

Thoroughly enjoyable, the retrospect is presented chronologically, following social and environmental issues, various pastimes, including golf, local news and controversies all from the point of view of Borrego's rabbit residents and a snake arbitrator.

The whole essence of good drawing and of good thinking perhaps is to work a subject down to the simplest form possible and still have it believable for what it is meant to be. Saul's simple, minimal line drawings quickly tell us an often complex storyline about local Borrego life.

As an artist becomes acquainted with a character they create inevitable the artist will add parts of themselves that are pertinent to that character. I am not sure which of Saul's character's reflects that theory, however, I venture to suggest it is the 'snake,' that quietly has the last word.

Saul is a native of Montreal Canada, and for over 45 years a dual resident here in Borrego. Saul's artwork has been selected for exhibition across Canada and the USA with an extensive, distinguished list of Museum and gallery showings.

Saul has a Ph.D in clinical psychology from the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, England. An Internationally renowned performance psychologist Saul has worked with many major league sports teams and individual athletes authoring nine books. Titles include, Hockey Tough, Why Teams Win, Sports Psychology For Cyclists.

One could say Saul understand's 'winning,' this is reflected in his artwork which is at times 'tongue in check,' usually uplifting, thought provoking without being judge mental. Saul leaves room for the observer to create their own point of view.

A conversational exhibition that will provoke a few smiles. Interesting viewing for anyone interested in local Borrego affairs.

Fabulous for kids to get some insight into Borrego's past and understand the art of cartooning.

This exhibit is showing through the end of June.