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Sum Guy Gallery, Santa Ysabel


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Sum Guy Gallery

Santa Ysabel

Rugged, textured, old stone walls complimented by a contemporary architectural design make Santa Ysabel's, Sum Guy Gallery, a gorgeous unique space for art. The gallery features the thought provoking powerful, sculpture of multi talented sculptor/poet Ted Berryman.

Reverse everything that you might previously have expected in a gallery experience. The mantra of this gallery is PLEASE TOUCH. Open your responsive self when touching the artwork. You might discover the artwork has represented some intangible response you were until now unaware you had tucked away.

Each sculpture itself is in a relationship with a accompanying poem that Ted has written. Ted invites us to sit down and find a connection between ourselves and his artwork. Get into it, feel, discover. Instead of viewing artists as isolated vehicles of their own worlds Ted strives to convey a collaborative energy for everyone and anyone. Making a good work of art is like building a world. It takes courage to pursue beauty and truth.

Touching, stroking the rich often sensual wood releases a unique energy imbued with natures heritage. 'Start the relationship,' Ted's says, don't view his art from a distance. Ted calls himself a co maker with his sculpture which he says has a self expression of it's own that dose not come alive until people interact with the artwork. Its a partnership.

Often, Ted will incorporate a surprise element in a sculpture. A hidden treasure for us to explore. Young people thrill at being allowed to touch, feel, ask questions, unlock the surprise sculpture tucked inside.

Ted's sculptures showcase his skilled carpentry techniques. Wood is painstakingly crafted. Often there is a theme of the juxtapose of a large form on a larger form. Wood wombs in some cases that birth larger wood forms. Powerfully presented confidently honed works. Several sculptures are almost monumental and museum worthy.

Placed on the stunning, stone walls are the haunting paintings of mesmerizing artist Moramay Martha Cuevas, Ted's wife who passed away. Mythical, ethereal, textured, timeless, these works have an inner glow that transfixes the viewer beckoning us to enter the artist's inner world. Often two figures are featured they appear to live in a glowing universe Moramay created that has a forever feeling.

If your fortunate to meet Ted at the Gallery he is a fascinating conversationalist you will experience his unique perspective about life and art. I found myself entranced by Ted's views about interaction, sharing, relationships, experiencing inners responses when viewing art.

Santa Ysabel-Art Gallery

Super Impositions

Right behind Sum Guy Gallery is a the charming Santa Ysabel Art Gallery. Surrounded by flower beds of towering hollyhocks, Matilija Poppy bushes, Myrtle and spreading Incense Cedar trees. This charming house was built in 1930, lovingly restored by the present owners both architects into an intimate gallery space. Through Sept 3rd the gallery is featuring the works of James Aitchison, 'Super Impositions.' Like Ted Berryman, Aitchison's works often, not always, contain narrative elements. Atichison says, ' I approach the canvas without preliminary sketches, but with paint and an intuitive ordering of what the world has dished up. I make a mark as honestly and forcefully as I can and struggle from there until a new ordering is born and the work comes right." There are several gallery smaller rooms which feature other artwork and sculpture. Gallery Director Stephen Clugston is ready to talk art with visitors. I urge you when visiting to walk the beautiful little garden that surrounds the gallery it hosts several curious vintage assemblages and lovely planted area's.

These are both destination Galleries. Plan a trip to Santa Ysabel, grab a bite or piece of famous local fruit pie at one of the local restaurants while your here. You will not be disappointed in the gallery experience. Optimistic and inviting art to boost your mood.

Both galleries are open on the weekends.

Phone #: 760-765-1679

30352 CA-78 Santa Ysabel,

CA 92070

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