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Collage, Cha-Cha-Cha, THOBS West Gallery


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Elizabeth Rodriguez accomplished curatorial skills are highlighted in Collage Cha Cha Cha at her West Gallery. Show opening on Sunday Oct. 2 was well attended, not only by the public, but as usual, Elizabeth’s interesting shows are well supported by artist’s. Litho Mosaic founder, artist Robin Brailsford stopped by fresh from a summer of creativity, enormous litho mosaic installations, and travel. Robert Wright the sculptor, and beloved pottery teacher Ginger Dunlap-Dietz both attended. It was an enjoyable, conversational, interesting art opening.

Three artist’s featured in Collage Cha,Cha, Cha. Anthony Zinonos, ARHAyas PSonn Allure A, and Cristin McVey, collectively enormously talented, individually with diverse collaging style’s.

ARHAyas PSonn AllureA

PSonn’s creativity is spiritually connected to Shamanism and his personal interest in, ‘returning to the source.’ Heavily symbolistic, his works are layered with intriguing found treasures, family heirlooms, in his words, “collage allows for a unlimited multi dimensional experience to manifest.” Like fellow show artist Cristin McVey, PSonn is intrigued by a subconscious level of unknown imagery emerging as works develop.

Profound and moving, PSonn’s creative narrative is multi layered but tethered through spirit to his creative and spiritual core.

Viewer’s at the show were transfixed. Each collage is a complex treasure trove of collected, often nostalgic,imagery. Nostalgia is a significant apart of the collagist’s journey. Snipping fragments of history from photographs and vintage magazines, books, letters, writings, creating a rite of passage for the collected fragments to be re purposed into a collage.

In addition to framed works PSonn has created an exquisite collection of candle totems and hand made cards, that are festooned with feathers, collage fragments, jewelry and found objects. Extremely affordable priced the totem candles make for a lovely personal collectible or meaningful gifting. Meet PSonn at the West Gallery, ART TALK, Saturday Oct. 22, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Anthony Zinonos, masterful collage’s are thought provoking, nostalgic visual essays that delve into Americana culture. Witty, tongue in cheek, often playful, romantic, Anthony’s works offer an artistic commentary on contemporary societal evolution.

He has a sculptors spatial sense. Using empty color shapes to set the compositional mood of the collage. Tiny, meticulously crafted figures, often wedged between crevices of color planes. There is room for the viewer to create their own interpretive narrative.

Anthony is an artist that is evolving and in my opinion his works are highly collectible.

Born in South Africa, Anthony has lived Internationally spending his teenage years in Cyprus, moving to eastern England, studying at Norwich School of Art and Design, then a year in Athens studying photography, ending up in southern California where he now lives. Much of his work is inspired by Californian west coast culture.

In Anthony’s own words, “I love paper and print the quality of old books and magazines. There is a sense of nostalgia, the materials are from a time before me, and they hold history and remind me of looking at old family photographs. To me, they represent a simpler time before Photoshop, digital cameras, and the internet.”

Cristin McVey

Cristin explains in her artist’s statement her foray, six years ago into the art form of collage, metamorphosed from her interest in the practice of psychosynthesis which involves bringing subconscious imagery to the surface.

“A driving force behind my artwork is an enduring interest in exploring the subconscious.” “Fragments of paper come together to form a synthesis, whose nature could not have been known by considering the fragments alone.”

Cristin, the head librarian at the Borrego Springs Library, combines her love of books and thrifting to collect her materials for collage. Her works often incorporate pages from books, broken books, book illustrations, her own writing and other’s.

Her works are elegant, deeply thoughtful, often dreamy, a suspended quality that invites us to ponder and explore the connection between the fragments of imagery and our own interpretation’s.

Meet Cristin for her ART TALK on Saturday Nov. 19, 3 p.m. at the West Gallery.


Saturday Nov. 5, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., begins a new season of the popular Borrego Art Walk. A good route is to start at the Borrego Art Institute, make your way to The House of Borrego Springs East and West Galleries. Next door we welcome to Art Walk the newly remolded Hacienda Del Sol, where artwork curated by Elizabeth Rodriguez will be displayed in the Hotel lobby with a reception for artist Robert Wright’s Assemblages Collection.

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