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A Beautiful Array of Art in Borrego


Last updated 2/2/2023 at 10:03am

"Rose" – David Silvah

Latin American Art

Borrego Art Institute

Contemporary Latin American Art show was opening was serenaded by the talented Mariachi Mixteco, whose moving, passionate, vocals captivated a seated audience inside the gallery. Arguable some focus was taken from the art by this amazing performance of Mariachi Mixteco.

Cuban Mexican decent acclaimed artist Barbara Rivera paintings were a focus for the North Gallery. Barbara says, "my paintings are a reflection of my life journey. Often painted with the most vibrant of colors. I want people to feel the energy and emotions that radiate from my paintings." Culturally Barbara explores iconographical characters from Mexican-folklore and everyday life. 'Judge,' was my top pick from this collection. The painting has a powerful imposing mood. More typical works of children and folklore characters were extremely charming a clear sense of Barbara painting from her heart.

"Art Carrillo captures everyday scenes of Chicano life with a religious zeal usually found in contemporary street religion. Each piece, a prayer to the beauty of his community." Art's incredible painting, 'American Cowboy,' was featured as an anchor piece at the show. Art's mastery of painting realism packs intense visual emotion. The use of color translates into the light source of the painting. Art has shown at various museums including Autry Museum Of the American West, Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Ontarios Museum of History and Art in addition to many gallery showings.

David Silvah takes the artistry of traditional Mexican painting very seriously, sharing his work in a revolutionary, political, and social context of the past and the present. Hard not to fall in love with his gorgeous romantic painting, 'Rose,' where the dancer's body emerges from a skirt of rose petals.

Lots of passionate works at this show definitely stop by and enjoy an artistic, vibrant, cultural journey.

There is no biographical information available about the artist's shown at this show something I find difficult to understand. Buyers like to know about the artist's they are purchasing.

The House Of Borrego Springs Galleries Presents Andy Williams Paintings

Hacienda del Sol Lobby

Rarely have I run into a painting that made me stop in my tracks as Andy Williams stunning work, Palm Canyon Grove, did walking into the lobby show at the Hacienda del Sol. Having seen Palm Canyon painted many times in the past I've have seen it captured so perfectly.

This is a masterpiece work. It's compositional range is very interesting Williams takes us on a painterly walk in the canyon grove emerging from dark into light. Use of a dramatic dark foreground that sets the ponderous depth of the painting. Williams effortlessly captures the intoxicating variety of Borrego desert light from gentle to harsh. No stranger to Plein Aire painting Williams is a signature member of the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painter's Association. 2012 President of the prestigious Carmel Art Association. His works have been represented in many galleries throughout California and is currently represented by the Carmel Art Association and The Red Pear in Carmel Valley Village. There are several charming smaller works including several studies of Airstream's somewhat of a challenge Williams said because of the complexity of reflected light on the Airstream. Lovely show and fun to visit the newly remodeled mid century modern lobby of the Hacienda del Sol.

The show is curated by the ever talented Elizabeth Rodriguez, House of Borrego Springs , as usual with her thorough professional touch.


House Of Borrego Springs West Gallery

An email shout out for local artist's and crafters produced a surprising response. This successful show in it's second and final month is visual fun truly something for everyone featuring many locally created affordable treasures.

Notable in the group is Linda Brockie's macrame pieces. Macrame's popularity has re-emerged into galleries recently. Popular for centuries as a method of crafting using several types of knots to form a basic shapes. No tools are needed just our hands and something to hang the work from often found pieces of wood. Linda is an accomplished crafter with a special touch.

PSoon Allurea's incredible hand crafted candle totems vibrate transporting energy. Each candle totem tells an intimate personal story. PSoon uses collage as a visual language. Intriguing and uniquely original everyone needs a PSoon candle totem to fill your home with positive energy.

Harold Hickman's intricate decorative hand painted plates were very popular. Beautifully imagined, some depict mandala's others whimsical scene's all very collectible.