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Dany Tomas

Dino Explorers

Abstract Detritus

Celebrating Earth's Elements

Borrego Art Institute

Absolutely the best show of the season at BAI for exciting, creativity, diverse use of materials, very inspiring and thought provoking. Exquisitely curated by the BAI's remarkable talented Robert Wright. Attendance was high with many new faces in the crowd.

Abstract Detritus focused on mixed media art encompassing found artifact's, reclaimed objects used to create abstract works of art.

Celebrating Earth's Elements, a show of selected work featuring earth materials clay, glass, wood, metal and fiber. The two stunning shows emerged somewhat together from lack of space.

Phillip Johnston works illustrate that there is an added power to found and reclaimed objects as they transform from their original intent to a work or art and the artist's revisioning. There is a palpable connection to the history of reclaimed objects as seen in this show by several of Johnston's works. Bail's Desert Castle #1 which features a reclaimed original Eames table top from the 40's. The ensemble is sculptural, architectural, as in the, 'Desert Castle,' reference, textural, rich color tones from the contrasting woods and time worn surface.

Another outstanding work by Johnston, "30 Year Sumie." Sumie is a simple elegant art form handed down to Japan from China. Artist's use a minimal amount of brush strokes to create subtle ink paintings that stimulate the imagination.

Johnston took a long ago discarded house painter's drop cloth found in the basement of a house and reworked it into a Sumie styled cloth painting. The long ago dripped, droplets of paint caught on the drop cloth emerge from under Johnston's Sumie style brushstrokes. I found this work contemplative and dreamy Johnston saw a Sumie work of art where most of us would have bundled up the cloth and tossed it away.

"Extraterrestrial Earth Lander," by Michael Horton. A stunning, journey into the extraordinary imagination of the artist went into creating this Earth Lander assemblage. Horton's intricate repurposing, skillfully sculpted into the "Lander," is thrilling to encounter and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Robert Wright's work, The Exhibition, is an artistic tour de force. Wright sophisticatedly brings together found objects, along with contemporary pieces, in a creative, tongue in cheek, artistic conversation. 10 small assembled artwork vignettes tell the story of a day at an Exhibition. For me this artwork was the center of the show. Wright has a wanderer spirit, souring far away places for discarded objects, rock's, metals, inspiration for his ensembles. Wrights work has evolved from previous shows. The Exhibition establishes Wright's mastery of his artistry. Several Wright smaller works are also very collectible.

There are many interesting artwork, treasures in this show to enjoy. I urge you to visit and have a fun, conversational, artistic experience at the BAI.

Borrego Night Live

The House Of Borrego Spring

West Gallery

Argentinian Dany Tomas, is an Internationally, award winning, musical virtuoso. Dazzlingly, skilled in many genres of music including song writing, musical production and worldwide live performance's.

Recently added to his musical achievements is an additional creative passion for Fine Art Photography. Dany refer's to himself as a Visual Artist.

Dany's epic, expansive, creative personal vision recently encountered the magical Borrego night sky at Galetta meadows and Ricardo Breceda's brilliant, monumental, metal sculptures. The sculptures are based on beasts found in a book that depicts now-fossilized creatures in the Anza Borrego Desert as well as mythological creatures. 'It was love at first sight,' according to Dany. Inspired, he created an astonishing photographic symphony of works Dany describes as the 'undiscovered life of the Galleta Meadows Sculptures. "A few nights in the year the Milky Way creates a ripple of light caressing the sculptures making them come alive." Talking to Dany I got a clear impression I was speaking to a rare creative talent.

Dany's astonishing Galleta Meadows, Borrego Night Live, photographic tribute is now showing at, The House Of Borrego Springs, successful, West Gallery, beautifully curated by owner Elizabeth Rodriguez.

Using light, the same way as a musician writes music, in layer's. His techniques are complex. Dany refer's to these techniques as 'light painting.' Incorporating drone photography, (Dany is a FAA Certified Drone Pilot), with traditional photography. Dany starts by focusing on the brightest star then builds multiple layers of light painting exposures. For the Milky Way, it can take 15 to 30 seconds each exposure he explains.

Dany's cinematic vision brings Breceda's creatures to life in Borrego's magical night landscape. A dreamy fantastical tribute by Dany, to the monumental works of Breceda's epic, sculpture's which are ranked as one of the top ten must see art attraction's in California.

Dany also lovingly created a Google Maps Project mapping all the Galleta Meadows Sculptures GPS location and pictures:

Additionally, he also created an Anza-Borrego Desert Sculpture video guide. This guide includes GPS location and Night Photography guide to all sculpture

This is an adventurous photographic show for all ages.

Dany Tomas will be giving an Art Talk about his incredible photography odyssey on Saturday May 7, at 3 p.m., West Gallery. Definitely mark your calendar this is will be an inspiring Art Talk.

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