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Wonderful Art Shows Back in Borrego


Last updated 11/9/2023 at 1:47pm

Borrego Art institute kicked off his 2023 – 24 season with the same show as they have had start the season the last few years, The Art of Flora, Fauna and Earth's Elements.

An enthusiastic, supportive, large, crowd packed the galleries. However, that enthusiasm did not translate to sales. Not surprising. I just find it hard to figure out why there was so much mediocre art displayed. I felt sorry that a couple of excellent extremely talented artists were hanging surrounded by such weak art. One viewer at the show mumbled to me that they had not seen one good artwork. Not entirely true.

Robert Wright's assemblages as always, were stunning, creative, very collectible and intriguing. A new direction for Wright, "It Is'nt What It Seems," Assemblage, is a very elegant, creative piece. I was intrigued figuring out what was not as it seemed.

Paul Ivanushka's breath taking photograph, "Desert Willow," exquisite, romantic, pure beauty.

Ross Adcock, "Inspired by Nature,"mixed medium painting, is an interesting mixture of medium's, technique and story telling. See this work displayed on the gallery back wall. It's also very well priced.

Wil Gardner's, sculptural, 'Torso," a repurposing and imagining of a cut tree branch, featured in the front of the gallery relates to the shows theme and would make a artistically conversational statement in a collection.

My usual complaints, there were no Artist's Statements, so you just have to guess about the artists's, where they are from, or what they are about.

Artist's also need to be responsible for providing curators bio's or Artist's Statements with their works. Worse, there were significant, beautiful collections of pottery displayed on glass shelves in the gallery window, of the pieces were un-priced. Some of this pottery is probably very affordable and sellable. These are some of the basic 101 art gallery standards. Visible pricing cards with proper descriptions and Artist Statements.

On the more positive perspective BAI offers our community, a comprehensive calendar for the 2023 – 24 season of art classes. Encouraging creativity, celebrating handmade craft, The Pottery, outdoor studio is a relaxing environment for a beginner or pro to share creativity. Borrego KIDSART Institute, offers kids a way to explore creativity with Children's Art Programs, Kids' Photography, Kids Gardening. Don't forget to drop by the ArtPark behind the

Check out schedules at,

Flora Fauna Earth's Elements

Jerry Berkstresser- Heat Echos-North Gallery BAI

Borrego Art Institute – Oct 7th-29th

Jerry Berkstresser's – Heat Echos photography collection – showing in the North Gallery saved the season opening show at BAI by being fabulous. Extremely exciting, innovative photography with powerful composition. Masterful, contemporary, Jerry has a cinematic vision. Each photograph was story telling, thought provoking. I'd venture to say some of the most appealing and collectible, different photography I have reviewed in awhile.

A seasoned craftsman Jerry has worked in almost every photographic genre including astrophotography, microscopy and featured in this collection infrared photography, In Jerry's own words. "A long time fascination is infrared photography using a digital SLR camera converted to 'see,' only in the infrared spectrum.

A very interesting perspective is created, high contrast, dramatic representation, different tonalities than visible-light photography. Water becomes dark, vegetation incandescent white, sky is rendered in inky black, clouds brilliant white. A shifted spectrum allows me to present the subject in an altered context, literally, in a different light." The public definitely responded to Jerry's work with good sales results, many red dots appeared as works were snapped up. Wonderful collection if your a photographer I urge you to visit and be inspired by Jerry's masterful collection.

Thank Goodness For Borrego Springs!

House Of Borrego Springs, West Gallery

A Small Town's History, Development and Contemporary Challenges

Curator and collector Elizabeth Rodriguez in the words of poet W.B. Yeats is the "keeper of fragile things." Ardently over the years, Elizabeth has been collecting ephemera and historical documentation creating a significant collection which features publications, maps and artifacts encompassing a visual and readable representation of Borrego's early history and the fascinating journey of Borrego's subsequent expansion.

Tracing our steps forward towards future development or so called progress, pointing out challenges and questioning the ideology behind some of our contemporary issues. A fascinating educational collection which could represent the foundation for a Borrego Historical Museum.

Elizabeth writes. 'As with other American small towns, it is within our community's dreams, hope and aim to someday have our own Historical Museum documenting and displaying a worthy collection of Borrego Springs past, present and future inclusive of the Anza Borrego State Park's history.'

Several rare, beautiful artifacts of Coahuila Diequeno , Kumeyaay, early people of the Anza-Borrego Desert, are displayed priced $50,000 range. Serious collectibles. Across the our valley one can occasionally come upon rare early people artifacts if your fortunate as my artist friend was when he discovered a large Kumeyaay grinding stone under a spreading Palo Verde tree in his De Anza garden.

Elizabeth encourage's viewers when visiting the gallery to browse, sit and read the documents, become familiar with our area history. If you have plans, maps, photographs, specification, policies, blueprints, please feel free to share them with the gallery Elizabeth suggests.

Borrego needs a Historical Museum!!! Idea's anyone?

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