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Last updated 5/26/2024 at 8:16pm

Borrego Art Institute

Wade Beane has been named the Borrego Art Institute’s Interim Executive Director. He will also remain as ArtPark Director.

Kim Wyatt was also appointed as Communications and Development Director.

McQuown/Wermers Gallery

Summer Show continues with a diverse collection of art representing a range of different mediums including the Indigenous Art showing in the North Gallery.

The Summer Show art selection leans, although not entirely, towards amateur and pre owned pieces. More of a community opportunity to get art up on the wall of the gallery.

Preceding the absolutely stunning Plein Aire show where the quality of art was professional and absolutely stunning, The Summer Show art selection is a contrast. The sales results for the Plein Aire show are exceptional. Arguable, a result of the exceptional, quality, of the art showing. Possible more of a balance in art selection between higher end professional art and amateur could be considered for the Summer Show. Without losing the importance of embracing the local art community.

House Of Borrego Springs East-West Galleries

House of Borrego springs West Gallery Summer House Show, Mid Century vibe collection is very appealing. Lots of vintage furniture along with ceramics, pottery, glassware, lighting fixtures, and art works. Always a fun, inspiring gallery to visit. House Of Borrego Springs East Gallery features a selection that includes vintage cook books, vinyl records, vintage clothing and much more.

– Sally Walsh

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