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The Art of Flora & Fauna


Last updated 11/2/2022 at 11:57am

Main Gallery at the Borrego Art Institute, showing thru Oct. 30.

Carol Lindemulder-Special Event Alcove – Introducing the artist's new book, Color and Contrast.

Philosophy of Water-The Art Of Weston Riffle – North Gallery.

Weston's painting depict the struggles and relationships Southern Californian's have with the physical and social environment.

The annual Art of Flora and Fauna show was disappointing. Several painfully under average works created a visual imbalance against a handful of artist's who's work is exceptional.

Lynn Dee's subtle, exquisite Raku pottery I found very collectible and reasonable priced.

Cactus Wrens, by Joe Garcia, is a beautiful oil painting. Best in the show for me. Joe's composition is unique, thoughtful, his technique and consciousness of desert light is masterful.

Whimsical, imaginative sculpture by Cher Townsend of a girl and her dog riding a giant fish. This sculpture probable has a fascinating back story behind the inspiration which would have made the viewing experience deeper had that been shared. My usual complaint remains of the inconsistency of showing Artist's Statement's in shows at The Institute.

Don Weeke had three excellent works two gorgeous gourd's and a larger work with canvas and willow sticks. All meticulous crafted with interesting, intricate, detailing.

Local, Carole Lindemulder's, Ocotillo, oil on linen, showcased a spontaneous,natural, ease with her subject. Lindemulder a highly accomplished painter and nationally renowned artist at the museum level anchored the show.

North Gallery – Weston Riffle-Philosophy of Water show is thought provoking. Riffle sees art as something more than an artistic interpretation. It's a way to understand and cope with life. Born and raised in La Mesa in San Diego he received this bachelor's from San Diego State and master's from San Jose State.

Weston is mostly self taught describing himself as an anti artist. "I want to express the simple purity of the people and places I have known." The general theme specifically in this exhibition is the struggle of the individual against forces not clearly understood. The socio-economic and political forces that create inequality. Riffle's painting project a vibrant, visually poignant message about rural California farmers and fishermen.

Borrego Art Institute has a packed schedule this season of workshops, special events and shows. A thriving agenda of art adventure and learning.

Mark your calender's for Wednesday Nov. 2, Dia De Los Muertos, one day only at the Borrego Art Institute from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

ART TALK -ARhAyas PSonn AllureA

West Gallery House Of Borrego Springs

Saturday, an enthusiastic, group, attended PSonn's Art Talk and I think nobody left PSonn's art talk without having experienced a magical, mystical, tour of his universe. An authentic artist in every sense of the word authenticity. Referring to his collage art as, 'light shining through the darkness.' His life journey and artistic journey are combined into one experience. 'Journey on see where it leads you,' he challenges us. Shamanism meets whimsy, add some polar bears, white owls, and encounters with other dimension's. PSonn's collection of spiritual energy candle totem's is stunning. Hard to not resist collecting. A unique,stunning show not to be missed.