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Hilary Brings the Rain, Wind

Southern California braced for the impacts of Tropical Storm Hilary, as it brought strong gusty winds and heavy rain on Aug. 20. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for much of Southern California, with... — Updated 9/14/2023

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: "Scaly-breasted Munia"

If you spot one of these little birds at your seed feeder, your first reaction might be, "oh, someone's pet has escaped from its cage." You would be partially correct. The scaly-breasted munia has long been a popular cage bird. It... — Updated 9/14/2023

 By Steve Padilla    Letters

Important Salton Sea Restoration Legislation Passes Senate Floor

The California State Senate passed Senate Bill 583, authored by Senator Steve Padilla (D-San Diego). The bill creates the Salton Sea Conservancy to unify the state’s efforts to expedite preservation project delivery, protect residents’ health, and foster ecological recovery... — Updated 6/21/2023


Badwater Salton Sea Race

The Badwater Ultra Running Experience returned to the Anza-Borrego Desert and Palomar Mountain when the 10th Badwater Salton Sea race took place on April 29. The race covers a route of 81 miles from 234 feet below sea level from... — Updated 6/8/2023

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Visitor's View – Coachwhip Canyon

You might zip right by Coachwhip Canyon while traveling east on Borrego Salton Sea Way, but this short desert wash at the rugged toe of the Santa Rosa Mountains is well worth a little time to explore. Coachwhip Canyon is one of... — Updated 4/5/2023


SDG&E Switching

In discussions with Anthony Wagner, MPA, communications manager of San Diego Gas & Electric, regarding the change of electricity providers to San Diego Community Power (SDCP) from SDG&E, the Borrego Sun expressed concern that the local microgrid remains a priority. “The Borrego... — Updated 3/6/2023


Five Dead in Salton City Crash

Five people, including two young children, were killed on Jan. 14 when their car crashed into a semi near the Salton Sea. The crash occurred at around 5:15 p.m. at the intersection of 81st Avenue and State Route 86 in Oasis, according to a California Highway Patrol press release.... — Updated 1/17/2023

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Annual Christmas Bird Count A Big Success

It may be no surprise, but nature seems quite happy in the desert right now. Not only has there been a spectacular fall wildflower display, but also an above average number of wild bird species counted during the 38th annual... — Updated 1/17/2023

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: "Migrating Birds at Salton Sea"

The roar of 100,000 birds taking flight all at once was both startling and intense. The quiet of the late fall desert morning was shattered as the visiting winter flocks of sandhill cranes and snow geese lifted off from the... — Updated 11/22/2022


Historic Desert Journey in Summer Heat

The few of us who spend time in the remote parts of the Colorado Desert this time of the year are normally in the air-conditioned comfort of an off-road vehicle. But that's about all that has changed since desert explorer and... — Updated 9/27/2022


Agents Seize Narcotics

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a woman accused of smuggling narcotics that included methamphetamine, fentanyl, and heroin on Sept. 14. The incident occurred when a white 2014 Toyota Corolla, driven by a 42-year-old woman, approached the immigration checkpoint at... — Updated 9/20/2022


Drugs, Firearm Intercepted

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a man in possession of firearms, magazines, ammunition and drugs on Sept. 4. At around 1:40 p.m., a black 2007 GMC Yukon approached the Highway 86 checkpoint. The agent inspecting in the primary lanes referred the vehicle to... — Updated 9/20/2022


Salton Sea Project, Conservation Mandate Troubles

A new mandate on water conservation could pose a major impact on the Salton Sea. State officials have been busy this year to create a wetland habitat at the southern end of the lake. Vivien Maisonneuve, who works on the Salton Sea Program within the California Department of Water... — Updated 9/2/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Desert Outpost – 17 Palms Oasis

A bead of sweat ran down my chest as my thoughts drifted to another traveler who camped in this same spot over a century ago. It was 109 degrees at 10 p.m. as I sat in quiet solitude amidst the cluster of silhouetted palms while th... — Updated 8/26/2022


Agents Seize $29K in Cash

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested an individual with a valid Border Crossing Card and over $29,000 of U.S. currency, on the afternoon of July 6. At approximately 5:40 p.m., a grey 2014 Toyota Corolla approached the Highway 86 checkpoint. The agent inspecting vehicles... — Updated 8/1/2022


$190K Drugs Seized

El Centro Border Patrol arrested two people attempting to smuggle drugs through the Highway 86 checkpoint on June 20. At about 5:45 a.m., a Nissan Frontier approached the checkpoint, where agents referred the vehicle to secondary inspection. During the secondary inspection, a K-9... — Updated 7/5/2022


Man Arrested at Border

Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Highway 86 checkpoint arrested a man attempting to get over the border. At around 1:45 p.m. on June 10, a man driving a yellow van approached the checkpoint. The driver of the van handed agents a fake ID card and was later found to not have... — Updated 6/21/2022


Duo Arrested for Drugs

El Centro Border Patrol arrested two people smuggling illegal drugs through the Highway 86 checkpoint in Salton City. The incident had occurred when two individuals in a Volkswagen Tiguan approached the checkpoint. Agens then referred them to secondary inspection with a K-9... — Updated 6/21/2022


Woman Arrested, Meth Smuggling

A woman suspected of smuggling narcotics at the Highway 86 checkpoint was arrested on June 4, according to Border Patrol officials. The incident occurred around 1:15 p.m. when a woman driving a black Nissan Sentra approached the checkpoint. Agents at the El Centro Sector Border... — Updated 6/21/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Nature Watch: "Ancient shoreline"

Standing in the desert sands at the rugged toe of the Fish Creek Mountains, it's hard to imagine this was once under water. But looking up, you see a line near the bottom of the bouldery mountain that marks the high water of an... — Updated 5/16/2022


$355K Meth, Heroin Seized

A 19-year-old was arrested by Border Patrol agents after being attempting to smuggle nearly $355,000 worth of narcotics. The incident occurred when the suspect arrived at the Highway 86 immigration checkpoint at around 7:10 p.m. on April 26. According to the agency, the agent... — Updated 5/10/2022


Man Arrested, Attempted Narcotics Smuggling

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a man attempting to smuggle narcotics through an immigration checkpoint on April 23. At approximately 8:40 a.m., a blue 2007 Chevrolet Silverado approached the Highway 86 checkpoint. The agent inspecting vehicles in the primary lanes... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Nikki Symington    News

Opinion: Rumor vs. Fact...

The Borrego Sun tries to follow up when someone calls with a concern, question or suspicion. While some are occasionally bordering on the edge of a conspiracy, we still check it out. We do this because we are a newspaper. When wrong information begins circulating, and playing... — Updated 5/3/2022


Man Attempts to Smuggle Narcotics

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that agents from its El Centro station intercepted a drug haul near the Salton Sea, including a package of fentanyl. At approximately 9:10 a.m. on March 18, agents stopped a black... — Updated 4/1/2022


$300K Worth of Drugs Seized

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested one person attempting to smuggle nearly $300,000 worth of illegal drugs on March 11. At about 3:45 a.m., a Hyundai Santa Fe approached the Highway 86 checkpoint., where agents referred the vehicle to secondary inspection. During... — Updated 4/1/2022


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