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Salton Sea Celebrates Mission


Last updated 11/21/2023 at 1:44pm

The Salton Sea Authority committee celebrated 30 years of its ongoing mission to restore the Salton Sea.

During the celebration, former board members spoke about the committee’s ongoing history with the Salton Sea and the issues they’re still facing.

“I am just so pleased that you are still here and doing the work that you’re doing… I’ve seen a lot of changes and so have many of my colleagues that are in the audience here today at the Salton Sea over these years, some good, some not so good.”

Others expressed what it was like serving on the committee when it was first formed.

“In 1970, the Salton Sea had more visitors than Yosemite and as the state’s largest body of water, it was completely neglected. Back to the health concerns and we pounded the fact that childhood asthma rates in communities surrounding the Salton Sea are eight times what the state average was.”

The board also introduced two projects, including one called “Desert Shores.”

The Executive Director said this project would restore a 30-acre community lake currently without water due to the Salton Sea.

“We are working with the community stakeholders working with the state working with the Bureau of Reclamation on finding funding and developing a project that will refill that body of water and return it to its historic use,” said Patrick O’Dowd, Salton Sea Authority Executive Director.

The plan is still in its early stages.