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Borrego Art Institute Comes Alive on Day of the Dead

As incense wafted through the BAI and candles flickered warmly around the room, dozens of local families and friends came to commune with and remember deceased loved ones. Colorful altars had been constructed earlier in the day to... — Updated 11/18/2022

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"Old Borego Days"

No, Borrego is not misspelled in the title above. This is the way Borrego was spelled back in 1928 when the first post office was opened in what is now called “Old Borego”. The site is located at 1580 Rango Way. Please join the Civic Foundation for their annual “Old Borego... — Updated 11/4/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Let's Go Borrego: Program Assists Folks with Transportation Costs

Need a ride to a doctor’s appointment or to shop for food outside of Borrego? Is the cost of hiring a driver causing you headaches? If you answer yes to either of those questions, then we have a program for you! It’s called Let’s Go Borrego and here’s how it works: Find a... — Updated 10/21/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

Additional Funding, More Services, Big Smiles

As the 2022 – 23 school year opens with extra state funding in hand, Superintendent Dr. Mark Stevens is embarking on programs to serve our children starting in infancy and through preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and... — Updated 10/18/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Honorary Mayors, Rotarians Return from Memorable Trek to Mongolia

The enormous platter of fresh cooked mutton, beef, goat, horse and potatoes was ceremoniously placed on the table in front of us as a welcoming gift from the Mongolian-Kazak family. A cup of warm tea with fresh camel milk from... — Updated 9/19/2022


Borrego Springs Mourns the Loss of One of Its Best

Mike's signature is on hundreds of checks from the Borrego Ministers Association given to families and folks in need in our community, especially during the Pandemic. His kind smile and gentle manner greeted visitors from all over... — Updated 8/9/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

Seniors Step Out Into Their Future

Against the breathtaking backdrop of the purple and pink Santa Rosa Mountains, our high school seniors celebrated their accomplishments over the past 14 years as many shed tears and hundreds of family members and friends came to... — Updated 7/5/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

School District Responds to Parents' Concerns

Following two school board meetings where parents aired their concerns ranging from school meals, to school safety protocols and communication challenges with school administrators, the school district has responded and progress is being made to ameliorate these situations.... — Updated 6/16/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

Local Students Learn Life Saving Skills

Borrego Springs High School students in the CIH/CIG (Certified Interpretive Host and Guide) Class are learning more than how to interpret and communicate this special place where we live to tourists and visitors. They are also... — Updated 6/16/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

Joya Brings Joy Once More to Borrego!

The effervescent Joya Granbery Hoyt is at it again with her publication of a full color workbook, Expressive Arts Your Way. Based on years of working with Borrego Springs Middle School in the After-School Program, the workbook... — Updated 6/13/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Oh Mother, What A Day!

The wind gusts reached 50 mph but that did not blow away the joy and celebration that was Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8th, in Christmas Circle. Sponsored by OLAX (Organizacion de Latinx), this fun-filled day marked the debut of... — Updated 5/27/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

BSUSD: What Happens Next?

Last month, over 20 parents showed up at the Borrego Springs Unified School District Board meeting to speak out about their concerns and fears for their children at Borrego Springs Elementary School. Their concerns ranged from the quality of the cafeteria food to procedures for... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Pandemic Numbers Dwindle, Food Bank Lines Increase

Yes, COVID numbers are falling and yes, folks have returned to work, some even working two jobs to catch up from months of shuttered businesses. Yet, the Tuesday Food Bank lines at the CRC (Community Resource Center) in the Mall... — Updated 4/19/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Play, Eat, Enjoy!

The Borrego Springs Boys and Girls Club is the only place, outside of school for our students to hang out safely in a supervised environment, eat a healthy snack, receive homework assistance and get some exercise in their state-of-the-art skateboard park and basketball courts.... — Updated 2/11/2022

 By Martha Deichler    News

Rotary Holiday Toy Drive A Huge Success

Cars began lining up an hour before the starting time of 4:30 p.m. on Friday evening, Dec. 17 for Rotary's annual Christmas Toy Drive for all local children ages 0 – 18. Even with no Christmas Tree in the Circle (damaged in a... — Updated 1/6/2022

 By Martha Deichler    School

Borrego Springs Youngsters Receive Vaccination at Celebratory Event

The score was three criers and 51 non-criers at Borrego Springs Elementary School last week. Pretty remarkable considering they were receiving their first child-dosage of the COVID-19 vaccination. Most children didn't even notice... — Updated 12/21/2021

 By Martha Deichler    News

Reverend Laura Brecht Leaving Borrego

She is stately as she walks purposefully into a room, colorful robes and skirts flowing gracefully – sometimes wearing the classy white clerical collar and other times donning her distinctive straw hat. But always bearing her... — Updated 12/9/2021

 By Martha Deichler    News

For the Love of Borrego

First it was scholarships for working students heading to college and now it's generous support of the Borrego Ministers' Association (BMA). Rams Hill has once again reached out to the community and found a void that needed to be... — Updated 11/15/2021

 By Martha Deichler    Arts

Borrego Art Institute Fundraiser Sets Big Goal For Its Creative Programs

From Plein Air to Day of the Dead, from abstract shows to the Latin American exhibit, and from artichokes to cilantro in the garden, the Borrego Art Institute (BAI) celebrates the diversity that is Borrego Springs. Some are even calling BAI the “Cultural Hub” of our village -... — Updated 11/1/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

Rams Hill Steps Up to Support Borrego Students

In yet another gesture of community support, Rams Hill awarded three scholarships to Borrego Springs High School students whose parents have worked for at least a season at Rams Hill or to students who have worked for at least one... — Updated 9/7/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

BSHS Offers the Only Such Class in the U.S.

Borrego Springs High School senior, Moses Garcia, was clearing the table at his new job at the Propeller Bar & Grill a few weeks ago, when a customer asked him, "What's there to do and see in Borrego Springs?" Realizing that... — Updated 8/4/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

BSUSD Seniors Graduate on Hot Note After Crazy Year

The challenges of the 108-degree evening were nothing compared to the insane year our seniors had to face in 2020-21 with COVID 19, online learning, unreliable Internet and the absence of so many high school traditions such as... — Updated 7/6/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

Borrego Springs Unified School District Receives Prestigious County Health Award

The theme for this year’s 20th annual Live Well San Diego Public Health Champion Awards is “Building Bridges to Better Health”. This theme, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic and Borrego Springs’ rural setting, were the perfect recipe for a successful partnership between... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

Rams Hill Rolls Out Red Carpet for BSUSD's Rams

When Borrego Springs High School's Senior Class President, Yessenia Marin, understood that there would be no prom for this year's senior class (due to COVID-19), she quickly went into overdrive, looking for a suitable and... — Updated 5/4/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

BSUSD and Proposition GG

When the $8,000,000 Bond Measure GG overwhelmingly passed in November of 2018 the question was, "Oh my goodness, where do we start?" We began by thanking the community of Borrego Springs for this opportunity to help our aging... — Updated 4/16/2021


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