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Chamber 2022 Stats

2023 is off to a great start with many visitors coming to town, but before I offer 2022 highlights I have a friendly reminder from the Chamber. In the past week, we’ve had several non-member organizations ask if they can use the Chamber bulletin board, post in the Chamber Weekly... — Updated 1/17/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing the Inner Planets at Dusk

It's always fun to ask stargazers why they believe that, if Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it's not also the hottest of our solar system. That honor belongs to Venus, nearly twice as far from the searing heat of our star... — Updated 1/4/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

The Mystical Northern Lights

Stand just once beneath the shimmering curtains of the northern lights – the aurora borealis – and you will never forget the experience. They are without question the most hauntingly beautiful and unearthly of all natural pheno... — Updated 11/28/2022


Chamber Highlights Since Our Last Post

The Chamber Column has been on hiatus but the Chamber has been very active since my last post. We’ll begin with marketing campaigns that came out in the summer issue of Food & Travel magazine – that included a four page story and a full back cover ad, as well as an ad in... — Updated 10/4/2022

 By Anne Wermers    School

Mongolia – Part Two

This is part two of the Mongolia series. Martha Deichler described the last portion of our journey to Mongolia in the prior edition of the Borrego Sun. Because Martha missed the early part of the trip due to Covid, I am sharing... — Updated 10/4/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Searching for Neptune After Dark

Remember a few years back when Pluto was deemed to be no longer a planet? The internet erupted with protests. "Why isn't Pluto a planet?" people cried. "It was a planet when I went to school and, as far as I'm concerned, it still... — Updated 9/27/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Finding the Asteroid Vesta

I remember well those wonderful days of elementary school when the very mention of the "solar system" conjured up in my mind amazing images of the sun, the planets and their attendant moons, and even mysterious comets sweeping by... — Updated 9/13/2022


Energy Conservation Tips

In August, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) issued a statewide Flex Alert, a call for voluntary electricity conservation, due to predicted high temperatures pushing up energy demand and tightening available power supplies. Consumers were urged to conserve... — Updated 9/2/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Three Decades of Stargazing!

It's hard to believe, but it will be 30 years on Aug. 19 since I published my first "Stargazers" column. Over those years, we've seen eclipses darken the land, planets converge in the sky or transit across the sun, meteor showers... — Updated 8/30/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Ring World: Saturn

It's often been said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so if I were to ask which is the most beautiful of all the planets, I would expect a variety of answers. Some might say it's the delicate white crescent of Venus; ot... — Updated 8/23/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Desperately Seeing Pluto

"My very energetic mother just served us nine pizzas." Anyone who's ever studied the solar system in school has learned this mnemonic device in which each word begins with the same letter as the planets of our solar system in... — Updated 8/3/2022


Well, That's a Star of a Different Color!

I've been gazing skyward now for nearly six decades, and I'm still amazed at all we can see if we just take the time to look up into a dark sky. Add to that a small backyard telescope and the celestial sights become even more... — Updated 8/3/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing the Solar System

Many celestial phenomena excite stargazers, but few are as cool as the one you can see during the next two weeks. Your only challenge will be forcing yourself to head outdoors before sunrise! If you do, and if you have a very low... — Updated 6/27/2022

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Community Input Invited on Proposed Dollar General Store, La Casa Del Zorro Solar Project

The June 2 Sponsor Group meeting opened with John Wells of La Casa del Zorro providing an update on fencing and landscaping around their solar project at the intersection of Borrego Springs Road and Yaqui Pass Road. La Casa is work... — Updated 6/21/2022


SDG&E to Possibly Raise Rates, Double Digits

As if San Diego Gas & Electric rates aren’t already high enough, a new potential rate increase is in the works, with customers to possibly look at $18 more per month on their bills. The proposal is SDGE’s 2024 – 2027 budget, also known as ‘general rate cases,’ which... — Updated 6/2/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Make Friends with Vega

Of all the books I've read during my nearly six decades of stargazing – and there have been a lot – my favorite isn't a technical tome like you might imagine. It's actually the inspirational and romantic autobiography of the... — Updated 5/25/2022


Sponsor Group Meeting

Attend the next Sponsor Group Meeting, scheduled for Thursday June 2, 5 p.m. at the Borrego Springs Library or via Zoom. Anticipated topics include the La Casa Del Zorro solar project at the intersection of Borrego Springs and Yaqui Pass Road, 18-wheeler trucks, permit... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Crime Statistics, Homeless Outreach, Emergency Medical Response Discussed at Sponsor Group Meeting

In keeping with the times, the May meeting of the Sponsor Group was a hybrid meeting, that is, there were an equal number of people who attended the meeting in-person at the Borrego Springs Library, and online via Zoom. While there were some minor audio hiccups at the start of... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

A Cosmic Coverup!

I just love eclipses. Not only are they fun to watch, but an eclipse is one of the few cosmic phenomena where we can see the movement of our heavens. If you're as intrigued by these celestial events as I am, then you must plan to... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing Red in the Night Sky

Beginning stargazers are often disappointed when they cannot see the glorious colors that appear in celestial photographs taken by massive telescopes. Experienced sky watchers know that this is because the human eye's color... — Updated 5/19/2022

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Impacts of Climate Change, Not Debatable

Headlines that climate change is ravaging our desert, triggered the expected reaction of philosophical polarization but also the wrong debate. For the man who has lived here and devoted his working life to the plants and animals of Anza-Borrego, there should no longer be a... — Updated 5/10/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

A Planetary String of Pearls

A beautiful string of planetary pearls shines at dawn right now, but one of the coolest sights of the early morning sky is completely invisible. Well, sort of. Stargazers who know something about astronomy can find it every night... — Updated 5/3/2022

 By Nikki Symington    News

Opinion: Rumor vs. Fact...

The Borrego Sun tries to follow up when someone calls with a concern, question or suspicion. While some are occasionally bordering on the edge of a conspiracy, we still check it out. We do this because we are a newspaper. When wrong information begins circulating, and playing... — Updated 5/3/2022

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Sponsor Group Welcomes New Members

The April 7 Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group (BSCSG) meeting opened with a welcome to two new members. At its April 5 meeting, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) appointed Bruce Durbin and Julie Gerson to the two vacant seats on the Group. Later in the meeting,... — Updated 4/15/2022


La Casa Del Zorro Solar Project Nears Completion

The estimated time for completion of the La Casa Del Zorro Solar (LCDZ) Project has been pushed back a bit, now expected to begin electrical generation in about 60 days. It's taken almost three years to get to this stage. "Delays... — Updated 4/4/2022


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