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 By Dennis Mammana    News

Finding Neptune After Dark

Scientists are in the business of classifying everything from butterflies to rocks to clouds to stars. And sometimes, when new understanding becomes available, they must go back and reclassify things to make them better fit the... — Updated 9/21/2020

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Messier's Celestial Goldmine

At this time of year, early-evening stargazers can tour one of the richest pieces of celestial real estate: the Milky Way. Viewing the Milky Way on a clear August night is a truly marvelous experience. Wispy bunches of stars ... — Updated 9/3/2020


SDG&E to Upgrade Borrego Springs Microgrid to 100% Renewable Energy

The first utility-owned, community microgrid in America will soon be upgraded with new technology so it can operate on 100% clean energy, thanks to a $4.5 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). A microgrid is a mini... — Updated 8/10/2020

 By Nikki Symington    News

La Casa Solar Project

An application for an Administrative Permit by La Casa Del Zorro Desert Resort and Spa to build a $2.5 million solar project is currently winding its way through rigorous scrutiny by San Diego County’s Planning and Development Services (PDS) to decide if a California Environment... — Updated 8/3/2020


The Iceball Cometh

It's been quite a while since we've seen a bright comet in our skies. Many stargazers remember the show put on by Comet Hale-Bopp 23 years ago, but most folks can't recall seeing another one since. One is now swinging past the... — Updated 8/3/2020


Saturn: Lord of the Rings

If I were to ask which you think is our solar system's most beautiful planet, how would you respond? Some would answer that the red planet Mars or the glistening planet Venus beat all others. Some might argue that the Earth is the... — Updated 7/30/2020


Sponsor Group Meeting

The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group meeting will be June 4, at 4:30 p.m. Due to COVID-19, this meeting will be on Zoom. The website is Or you can call in at 1-669-900-6833 and the meeting ID is 85960595191. The action items include:... — Updated 6/25/2020


BWD Happenings

It was a full morning on Jan. 28 covering BWD Board agenda items, and here are the highlights: The first person to speak at the board meeting was Borrego Unified School District Superintendent Mark Stevens making his presentation on the high school’s water well situation. He... — Updated 2/11/2020

 By Bella Murphy    News

Hello, Borrego Springs

As a new member of the Borrego Springs community, I would like to say hello. My name is Bella and I'm a writer. My husband and I moved here last fall from San Diego, and we've been thanking ourselves every day since. As an artist/w... — Updated 2/11/2020


BSUSD Board Meeting

The Borrego Springs Unified School District held their monthly board meeting Wednesday Dec. 18 in the community room at the high school, where members of the board, schools, and the community shared updates and statements. The meeting began with elections of the board president,... — Updated 1/23/2020


Sponsor Group Visualizes Future Look

Architect Richard Orne has a firm grasp on what the streets, sidewalks, and landscaping in Borrego Springs should look like, and his slide presentation wowed the Community Sponsor Group and attendees at the monthly meeting in the Library Community Room Dec. 5. Modifications to... — Updated 1/23/2020


Supervisor Jim Desmond Tracks Progress on Revitalization

If only you had a simple mobile phone App connecting you directly to the powers that be in San Diego County so you can report a problem, and not have to wait weeks, or months, or perhaps forever if you finally give up trying.... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By Dianne Owen    News

Birds and Blooms Open For Business

The Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association celebrated the grand opening of their newly established Birds and Blooms Garden Shop Nov. 16 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a special sale for those in attendance. Betsy... — Updated 1/23/2020


Borrego Hit with Rain

It only seems like a lifetime ago we had measurable rain in Borrego. Yes, we live in a desert, and we get only six-inches per year on long-term average. Yet, we've had practically nothing, zip, nada so far this season. Except,... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By Michael Sadler    News

GSP Part 2: Land Fallowing

There are six "Projects and Management Action Items" identified in the Draft Final Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) made public on Aug. 30. The ultimate goal of the GSP is to serve as a successful framework/planning document f... — Updated 10/17/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

A Dark Sky Affair

As dusk broke for the Dark Sky Party at the Borrego Springs Library on Aug. 15, not the Moon, but Jupiter appeared as the first celestial object, even displaying four of its 67 known moons telescopically later in the event. Followi... — Updated 8/22/2019


SDG&E Rate Reform Rollout

A new rate reform structure that is now being rolled out for SDG&E residential customers will be going into full effect by 2021, about 18 months from now. The rollout is being slowly phased in by zip code (small business customers... — Updated 8/7/2019


Truths About Haiti: Part One

My recent returns to Haiti were surprisingly more exhilarating and less emotionally challenging than my first trip earlier this year. I went to help a good friend (and out of my own curiosity) as a supply mule for her medical... — Updated 7/14/2019


The Eclipse That Made Einstein Famous

On a day when you have nothing better to do, drive a friend east of Christmas Circle down Palm Canyon Drive to DiGiorgio Road. Have her hold up a dime, on edge, and then drive a mile further east to Borrego Valley Road, then a quarter mile past the intersection. You will be able... — Updated 6/26/2019


SDGE Rolls Out New Pricing Policy

San Diego Gas & Electric will be rolling out a new “Time of Use” (TOU) pricing plan, starting in March, to 750,000 customers. Approximately 75,000 – 150,000 customers per month will be moved to TOU plans, and the program will be fully implemented by mid-2020. However, “A... — Updated 3/12/2019


The Patio Group Partners with La Casa Del Zorro

The Patio Group division of American National Investments (ANI) announces new partnership and management of La Casa Del Zorro Desert Resort & Spa in Borrego Springs. La Casa Del Zorro is the first full hotel management... — Updated 1/31/2019

 By Michael Sadler    News

Eight Minutes of Space Drama

It was pure drama. Would a six-month space voyage to Mars costing almost half a billion dollars end in success or failure? The drama began and ended in all of eight minutes. Upon reaching Mars on Nov. 26 and ready to begin the... — Updated 12/29/2018


Grand Opening

In just a few weeks, Borrego Springs' long-awaited brand new County library, sheriff's station and park will have their formal debut Dec. 8 from noon to 3 p.m. All are invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebrate a series... — Updated 12/12/2018

 By Michael Sadler    News

Borregans Lose their Cool as SDG&E Bills Soar

Like Icarus on his winged flight and crispy ending into the sun, Borregans likewise felt the unrelenting heat (and humidity) over the summer. And with no thanks to SDG&E electricity rate structures, the collective discomfort was exacerbated by severe penalties for usage during the... — Updated 11/30/2018


Measure GG: For our schools

As Superintendent of the Borrego Springs Unified School District, I am writing to inform you about an extremely important proposition on the upcoming November ballot –Measure GG. Measure GG will provide the school district with much needed assistance to renovate and improve its... — Updated 11/2/2018


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