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Power Lines Emerge

The specter of a towering 500 kV transmission line cutting in half the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has haunted our region for the last two decades. Construction of such a line would be a disturbing, years-long proposition. The region’s unsurpassed wilderness scenery and long un... — Updated 6/1/2024

 By Jim Desmond    News

"The State is Raising Our Electricity Bill"

A few months back, I wrote about the State of California's ill-conceived plan to charge electricity based on income. Thanks to our collective outcry, that proposal was rightfully defeated. However, our voices were not heard loud... — Updated 5/28/2024


Solar Eclipse Passes Through

For a few moments on April 8, millions across the country will put on those special eclipse glasses before looking up to catch the first total solar eclipse we’ve had in years. San Diego County was one of the best places in California to experience the eclipse with 55% of the s... — Updated 4/8/2024


Eleanor Euwer Shimeall

With sorrow for our loss and gratitude for her life, the Shimeall family announces the passing of Eleanor Euwer Shimeall, the beloved and venerable matriarch of our clan. Eleanor died on January 27th, 2023 in her cherished desert... — Updated 3/14/2024


SDG&E Unveils Four Advanced Microgrids to Boost Grid Resilience and Reliability

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) unveiled four new microgrids featuring advanced remote operation capabilities and state-of-the-art safety technologies to help enhance grid reliability and bolster resiliency for the surrounding communities. The four microgrid and energy storage... — Updated 3/4/2024


Wermers Feted

Anne and Jim Wermers were center stage and under the spotlights at a champagne reception hosted by the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) for the largest single charitable donation in Borrego Springs' history. More than 100... — Updated 2/29/2024

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Our Dazzling Winter Sky

As cold as it is in many locations right now, you'll find it a wonderful opportunity for stargazing. The evening sky of January and February is the most dazzling of the entire year, and the stars seem to sparkle like diamonds... — Updated 2/15/2024


BASIC Salutes its College Graduates

Each year, now for 27 years, BASIC has devoted proceeds from our fundraising activities to its scholarship programs. BASIC gives two types of scholarships: start-school scholarships to high school graduates planning to attend... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Reasons for the Seasons

In 1989, filmmaker Matthew H. Schneps released a 20-minute video titled "A Private Universe" in which he interviewed recent Harvard University graduates, faculty members and alumni – some of whom had science backgrounds – and posed... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Dennis Mammana    News

2024: A Year of Cosmic Wonder

The year begins with brilliant Jupiter dominating the heavens. It will remain in our early evening sky throughout the spring months, though it'll be receding from Earth and will begin to fade a bit by the end of April when we'll... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Follow the Moon

The moon returns to our evening sky again this week, and you can have some fun watching it cross our sky from west to east. Our nearest cosmic neighbor reached its "new" phase on Dec. 12, when it was located between the Earth and... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Two Items"

At our last board meeting, I proposed legislation for the County to take a stand against the income-based fixed-rate electricity proposal. Unfortunately, my colleagues voted against this and are in favor of charging people based on their income. The proposed fixed-rate bill fundam... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Find the Ecliptic After Dark

This week we can see something that many beginning sky watchers miss. I say we can "see" it, but in reality, it's invisible except in our imaginations. I'm referring to what astronomers know as the "ecliptic." The ecliptic... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Shauni Lyles    News

County Climate Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The County of San Diego’s Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP), a blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the unincorporated area and at County facilities, is now available for public review and comment. Actions outlined in the Draft CAP will ultimately help us r... — Updated 2/15/2024


Wermers Donate "The Center" to Community

In one of the largest philanthropic donations in Borrego Springs’ history, Anne and Jim Wermers, long time Borrego Springs residents and philanthropists, have donated “The Center” to the non-profit Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) for the long-term benefit of the commu... — Updated 2/15/2024

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Fixed-Rate Electricity Proposal"

I had the opportunity to participate in the California Public Utilities Commission public meeting regarding the proposed new fixed-rate electricity plan. This proposal has sparked significant concerns, particularly for the residents of San Diego. If you’re unfamiliar with this p... — Updated 11/21/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

By Jove, It's Jupiter!

What is that bright light glowing low in the east just after dark? An airplane? The International Space Station? A UFO? The answer is none of the above. It's the planet Jupiter! Jupiter has returned to our evening sky after many... — Updated 11/21/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Four Planets and a Moon

This week, the moon illuminates our evening sky as it drifts in its monthly orbit around the Earth, and it will be accompanied by the four outer planets of our solar system. On Oct. 23, look for the moon to lie just to the... — Updated 11/9/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Ring of Fire Eclipse!

When did you last see an eclipse of the sun? Seems like ages, doesn't it? The last one visible from North America occurred six years ago – on Aug. 21, 2017. If you missed it, you'll have another chance on Saturday, Oct. 14, and y... — Updated 11/9/2023

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Visitor's View: Light Pollution

Residents and frequent visitors to Borrego Springs understand the thrill of being able to see a night sky emblazoned by a sparkling overhead view of the Milky Way. It's not that way in many places, and the bad news is that... — Updated 11/9/2023


Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

On Saturday, Oct. 14 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., come check out the solar eclipse at the library on our Poet’s Patio! There will be fun kids crafts and space-themed children’s books for giveaway. Glasses provided for safe viewing. We will also be live-streaming an eclipse bro... — Updated 11/9/2023


Utility Interest in Microgrids Up: What's Driving the Trend?

Utilities are recognizing the financial, safety, renewables integration and reliability benefits of microgrids. This is especially true as the number of storms and hurricanes increases. In the last year, Bobbi Dillow-Walsh has seen utility requests for Block Energy’s microgrids i... — Updated 11/9/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeking Messier's Gold Mine

Back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries – long before anyone had any real idea of all that lay out there among the stars – a French astronomer spent his nights scouring the sky for his prey. Charles Messier scanned the heave... — Updated 11/9/2023

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Heads Up for Two Coming Solar Eclipses!

A few years have passed since we in North America enjoyed a good eclipse of the sun. Over the next eight months, however, we'll experience two of them, and I want to give you plenty of warning to determine if, when, where and how... — Updated 9/14/2023


County on Pace to Meet 2030 Climate Action Goals

The County is making climate action progress by providing clean air and water, green jobs and improving public health, according to the 2022 climate action report. The County is helping the community thrive by protecting the region... — Updated 9/14/2023


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