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 By Dennis Mammana    News 

An Exciting New Year of Celestial Wonder

Like many people, I enjoy the beginning of a new year. It's always brimming with hope and optimism, as well as endless lists of resolutions we swear we're going to attack, but which usually survive a few days at most. There is one... — Updated 1/13/2022

 By Dennis Mammana    News

The Winter Solstice

One of my favorite days of the year is right around the corner. Christmas? New Year’s Eve? Valentine’s Day? Nope. I’m talking about the first day of winter. Now, lest you think that this ol’ desert rat enjoys the cold, crisp air of the season – or perhaps the snow that... — Updated 12/21/2021


BWD Activities Status Report

The following is an update on issues involving BWD: Director Brecht Replacement Appointment: The Borrego Water District Board is in the process of replacing recently retired Board Member Lyle Brecht. Any interested persons must be a registered voter within the BWD service area and... — Updated 12/16/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Stewardship Council offers to assist Sponsor Group with Community Plan Update

Every decade or so, the County of San Diego updates local Community Plans that are part of its General Plan. The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group (BSCSG) held public forums in January, February, March, and April of 2007 – over 100 local residents participated in the... — Updated 10/19/2021

 By Ernie Cowan    News

Perseid Meteors to Light Night Sky

Visitors and residents of Borrego Springs will not have to travel far in early August to enjoy a spectacular celestial show as the annual Perseid Meteor Shower appears in the midnight sky. The Perseids, so named because they seem... — Updated 8/11/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Four Planets and a Moon

Last week, I showed you how to spot the elusive planet Mercury, the nearest planet to the sun. This week, you can easily see the rest of the inner solar system, and you don't have to rise before dawn! If you've been out on these wa... — Updated 7/28/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

My Favorite Star of Summer

"If you've seen one star, you've seen 'em all." That's a phrase I've heard many times over my long astronomy career. I suppose it's true to one who seldom peers at the nighttime sky. It's too bad, though, because we who spend more... — Updated 7/6/2021


City Council Approves 10-Year Deal with SDG&E

The San Diego City Council gave final approval on June 8 to a 10-year agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric to provide energy services to city residents and businesses, with the option of extending it another 10 years following that first decade. The City Council gave its... — Updated 6/24/2021


San Diego Gives Final Approval to SDG&E Utilities Deal

The San Diego City Council gave final approval Tuesday to a 10-year agreement with San Diego Gas & Electric to provide energy services to city residents and businesses, with the option of extending it another 10 years following that first decade. The City Council gave its initial... — Updated 6/14/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeing Halley's Meteors

Halley's Comet hasn't appeared in our sky for a quarter-century, but during the pre-dawn hours of May 6, stargazers will have a chance to see pieces of this famous celestial visitor. On that morning, sky watchers far from city... — Updated 5/19/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Borrego Springs in 2022: Crosswalks at Christmas Circle, and a Cannabis Café?

San Diego County Public Works Project Manager Sam Chrun was at the April 1 Sponsor Group meeting to provide an update on traffic calming measures and crosswalks at and around Christmas Circle. County staff have completed the design work and expect County Board of Supervisors appro... — Updated 4/25/2021

 By Martha Deichler    School

BSUSD and Proposition GG

When the $8,000,000 Bond Measure GG overwhelmingly passed in November of 2018 the question was, "Oh my goodness, where do we start?" We began by thanking the community of Borrego Springs for this opportunity to help our aging... — Updated 4/16/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Listen to the Moon

There's an old joke that I just love to tell. An elementary school teacher was presenting a lesson about the moon and asked the children which is more important, the sun or the moon, figuring the answer was obvious. After all, the... — Updated 4/1/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

County Plans to Expand Permits for Cannabis Businesses

In January, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to direct county staff to develop a regulatory framework for licensed farming, manufacture and retail of cannabis in San Diego County. Supervisor Desmond voted agai... — Updated 3/27/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Seeking the Zodiacal Light

Stargazers who spend time in rural locations get to experience celestial sights that are invisible, and sometimes completely unknown, to those living near the bright lights of a city. For example, the number of stars scattered... — Updated 3/24/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Sponsor Group Recommends LCDZ Project Can Proceed

At its January 7, 2021 monthly meeting, the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group unanimously recommended that the La Casa del Zorro Solar Project proceed to obtain an administrative permit from County Planning and Development... — Updated 2/4/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

2021: A Year of Celestial Wonder

The beginning of each new year is filled with hope and optimism. This year will be no exception, especially after the gut-punch we received from 2020. And with the new year comes a list of resolutions we swear we’ll follow. How many times can we possibly say, “And this year, I... — Updated 1/11/2021

 By Dennis Mammana    News

A Change of Seasons

Nights have been growing longer; snow is blanketing much of the land; and furnaces are working overtime. Yes, there's definitely a change of seasons coming our way. It's surprising how many folks don't understand why the seasons... — Updated 1/6/2021

 By Sanjiv Nanda    News

Renewal Energy Overlay Options Presented to Sponsor Group

The Community Sponsor Group is chartered by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to be an advisory group providing community input from smaller unincorporated communities such as Borrego Springs regarding local land use and planning matters and other items that impact the... — Updated 12/16/2020

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Finding Neptune After Dark

Scientists are in the business of classifying everything from butterflies to rocks to clouds to stars. And sometimes, when new understanding becomes available, they must go back and reclassify things to make them better fit the... — Updated 9/21/2020

 By Dennis Mammana    News

Messier's Celestial Goldmine

At this time of year, early-evening stargazers can tour one of the richest pieces of celestial real estate: the Milky Way. Viewing the Milky Way on a clear August night is a truly marvelous experience. Wispy bunches of stars ... — Updated 9/3/2020


SDG&E to Upgrade Borrego Springs Microgrid to 100% Renewable Energy

The first utility-owned, community microgrid in America will soon be upgraded with new technology so it can operate on 100% clean energy, thanks to a $4.5 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). A microgrid is a mini... — Updated 8/10/2020

 By Nikki Symington    News

La Casa Solar Project

An application for an Administrative Permit by La Casa Del Zorro Desert Resort and Spa to build a $2.5 million solar project is currently winding its way through rigorous scrutiny by San Diego County’s Planning and Development Services (PDS) to decide if a California Environment... — Updated 8/3/2020


The Iceball Cometh

It's been quite a while since we've seen a bright comet in our skies. Many stargazers remember the show put on by Comet Hale-Bopp 23 years ago, but most folks can't recall seeing another one since. One is now swinging past the... — Updated 8/3/2020


Saturn: Lord of the Rings

If I were to ask which you think is our solar system's most beautiful planet, how would you respond? Some would answer that the red planet Mars or the glistening planet Venus beat all others. Some might argue that the Earth is the... — Updated 7/30/2020


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