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By Jim Desmond
San Diego County District 5 Supervisor 

"The State is Raising Our Electricity Bill"


Last updated 5/28/2024 at 11:53am

A few months back, I wrote about the State of California's ill-conceived plan to charge electricity based on income. Thanks to our collective outcry, that proposal was rightfully defeated. However, our voices were not heard loud enough, as the state has now introduced a similar flawed scheme.

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved an additional $24 monthly charge on most electricity bills, amounting to a staggering $288 in new fees annually. This imposition will hit working-class families hardest, exacerbating the already challenging task of affording life in our state.

As Californians, we already bear one of the nation's highest electricity price tags, and this new directive only means more of our hard-earned money flowing into state coffers.

Here's the breakdown: households with one or two individuals earning below $39,440 will see a $6 monthly increase; those earning between $39,440 and $62,150 will face a $12 monthly charge, while individuals making $62,150 or more will be saddled with a monthly fee of $24.50.

It's essential to note that these charges are irrespective of whether you have Solar panels, making Solar investments less economical. This approach also disincentivizes energy conservation, as consumers will now bear a fixed monthly cost on top of their usage.

Also, California electricity prices have risen 50% since 2017 and are now double the national average.

I've always advocated for a fair principle: the more you use, the more you pay. Electric companies already offer programs to aid those in need, but this new fee structure, tied to income and disincentivizing conservation, is not the solution.

It's time to take action. I urge each of you to contact your state representatives and demand a reversal of this decision. Together, we can ensure that Californians are not burdened unfairly and that our electricity policies promote fairness and sustainability.

Jim Desmond

– San Diego County District 5 Supervisor