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 By Jim Desmond    Letters 

"State of Emergency Over"

Last week, the COVID-19 emergency finally ended at the county and state levels, hallelujah. As we move forward, I think it’s important to look back and learn from the past three years. My biggest hope is that politicians learn from the mistakes that were made. We should never lo... — Updated 3/21/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters 

"SANDAG's Weighted Vote"

In 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 805. While there wasn’t much publicity at the time, the measure was proposed by state legislatures in Sacramento, and now the power is being abused at SANDAG. The weighted vote gives more power to the more populated cities. For... — Updated 3/6/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

Supervisor Desmond Speaks...

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself and a frequent question my office has received. I’m asking the same questions, and it appears the answers aren’t simple, but there needs to be a solution. As trending Federal Government and State energy policies are focused on... — Updated 3/6/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Help for Seniors"

While there are many layers to homelessness, one group I’m focused on preventing from becoming the next in line is seniors. Inflation and rising utility prices are crushing seniors on fixed income, and we don’t want our seniors being priced out and ending up on the street. Las... — Updated 2/24/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Making Housing Affordable"

Workforce housing and affordable housing for seniors are both vital. I want to give you an update on some progress we’ve made in this realm. The Alvarado Senior Village is a proposed senior housing project in Fallbrook. This week, the County awarded $6.1 million to partner with... — Updated 2/10/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Taxing You into Public Transportation"

San Diego County’s Regional Transportation agency’s (SANDAG) latest transportation plan is designed to make driving so expensive that you succumb to public transportation. In addition to the current gas tax and registration fees, SANDAG’s plan adds three new half-cent sales... — Updated 2/2/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Sexually Violent Predators & Homeschooling"

Over the past year, I’ve been working to stop the placement of Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs). While we’ve been successful at stopping most from being placed in our communities, the State continues to try and dump more SVPs in San Diego County. There are certain... — Updated 1/17/2023

 By Jim Desmond    Letters

"Tell Us Now!"

As your County Supervisor, advancing government programs that promote efficiency and accessibility for the residents of North County is among my top priorities. If you have a problem that needs County assistance, our Tell Us Now! phone app provides an efficient and convenient way... — Updated 1/6/2023