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BASIC Salutes its College Graduates


Last updated 2/15/2024 at 12:08pm

Each year, now for 27 years, BASIC has devoted proceeds from our fundraising activities to its scholarship programs. BASIC gives two types of scholarships: start-school scholarships to high school graduates planning to attend vocational, 2-year or 4-year colleges and stay-in-school scholarships to those who continue their education and work towards a certificate or a degree. Some even go on to earn masters-level and professional degrees, all with BASIC's support.

In addition to the usual challenges of commuting and the tensions between working and studying, the scholars who graduated in 2023 survived the extra challenge of living through the COVID pandemic. All of us at BASIC congratulate every one of them! BASIC invites you to join us in saluting them. Here we salute two BASIC scholars who graduated from college in December 2023.

Jasmine Fernandez earned a B.A in Cultural Anthropology from Cal Poly Humboldt.

In her own words.....

As a recipient of the BASIC Scholar Award, I've developed a deep gratitude and appreciation for the incredible community work that BASIC offers. The devotion to our academic success and professional endeavors as students from our small-town community never goes unnoticed. I love the new direction BASIC has embarked on this year with developed access and resource outreach activities, and assignments. This scholarship motivated me first and foremost to apply to college, and after getting accepted I was determined to express my academic excellence in furthering my education through Cal Poly Humboldt. I started my academic journey to receive my bachelor's because of this scholarship, and I am very humbled to say I've completed this journey and am ready to continue learning from my advisors, colleagues, and peers to contribute culturally relative and positive ethnographic work to my field of study.

I am currently wrapping up my last semester at Cal Poly Humboldt. I am completing all my finals this week and next week. After I receive my diploma, I will be engaging in my community through volunteer, ethnographic, and birth work services. I also have started my search for midwifery programs in the state of California. I intend to work towards obtaining my Midwife license, which requires my enrollment in a three-year program, and NARM examination completion. I am employed with the Cultural Resources department at the Ocotillo Wells SVRA, and intend to continue to develop my anthropologic, and archaeological skills in this institution.

Carlos Garcia earned a B.A. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from California State University, San Marcos.

In his own words....

Despite my initial lack of interest in academic studies, the Basic foundation fundamentally changed my perspective on education, leading me to pursue a college degree. The financial support I received covered various college expenses, including textbooks and essential class materials. This financial assistance significantly alleviated stress, allowing me to concentrate on my academic studies. My family and I are immensely grateful to the Basic program and its generous donors. Their support plays a crucial role in shaping the futures of students like myself. I hope that others consider contributing to such a program. They are not only excellent initiatives but also dedicated a lot of time and resources to assist the next generation in their educational and personal development.

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I want to express my deepest gratitude for everything that Basic has done, not only for me but also for other individuals from Borrego who have benefited from such generosity. If there is anything that Basic would like me to do, please let me know. I am eager to assist in any way I can, just as Basic has helped me. Thank you to the entire Basic team.

Thanks to the generous donors in our community, BASIC has awarded 508 annual scholarships totaling over $733,000 in its 27-year history. Nearly half of this total came from proceeds of our annual Circle of Art Show and Sale, held at Christmas Circle every March. To contribute to the education of the children of Borrego Springs and help them realize their dreams, please support the 2024 Circle of Art Show to be held March 16 – 17. You can also donate to BASIC's Scholarship Fund by visiting our web site or mailing a check to BASIC, Box 1914, Borrego Springs CA 92004-1914.

Anne Bogardt is a past president and past scholarship coordinator for BASIC & Joanne Ingwall is BASIC's CFO and current scholarship coordinator.