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Shots for West Shores Canines

A very special “Thank You” to Imperial County for providing low-cost dog vaccinations and licenses. Last weekend dozens of West Shores’ pooches received their annual shots and dog tags. As usual, two locations were available, one in Desert Shores and one in Salton City. The... — Updated 1/19/2016

 By Paddie Connelly    News

Reminders to Remember

I don’t know about you but, as I age (sometimes not so gracefully, either!) I admit to a greater reliance of all sorts of reminders: strings on my fingers, little Post-It notes in carefully color-coordinated arrays, bigger signs with large arrows pointing dutifully toward the th... — Updated 1/19/2016

 By Paddie Connelly    News

Freedom or Choice?

Is the truth true and is free will really free? Well, maybe…or just maybe we should agree on what “free will” really is. Once we’ve reached concensus, perhaps we should agree on exactly what “truth” we’re discussing here. For me, free will is that deniably... — Updated 1/5/2016

 By Paddie Connelly    News

A Word or Two

May I Have a Word… or two or three? I love words. Now, I know we’re not supposed to love things, only people, but words are different sorts of things. They have moods and quirkiness and can be deliberate, joyful, stingy or gross … words often can and do take on the... — Updated 12/22/2015

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The Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner

Hats off . . . a hero’s passing by. Truth be told, many heroes passed by Thursday evening, 12/03/15, at the West Shores V.F.W. Yep. For the fifth consecutive year, West Shores’ veterans were celebrated in a fun-filled way: The Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner, which is... — Updated 12/12/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

West Shores Parks Association

Announcing … the West Shores Parks Association. Formed as an adjunct committee to the Salton Community Services Board, the West Shores Parks Association is ready to roll. In an organizational meeting held on Wednesday, September 30, the small group of community members and... — Updated 10/7/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

Big Glasses Giveaway

Friends-in-Sight, the statewide Lions vision initiative, will be holding a free vision screening, Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Desert Mirage High School, 86-150 Avenue 66 in Thermal. The vision screening will start at about 8:00 a.m. and finish at about 3:30 p.m. Members of... — Updated 9/24/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

Salton Sea - Homeless Children

July 16 a number of West Shores’ residents joined folks from all over the Coachella Valley in a meeting to discuss homeless children in our area. Yes, there are homeless children, right here at the Salton Sea. The meeting was convened by Lothar Vasholz whose daughter and... — Updated 8/27/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

Oh, those Lions!

Yep, it’s true – the Lions are at it again, helping the community. Working closely with the leadership of West Shores High School, the West Shores Lions Club has secured walking privileges for community members at the high school’s wonderful new walking path. The four-foot... — Updated 8/7/2015


Badly Shaken by Paddie Connelly: Signs of Suicidal Behavior

In the interest of maybe helping one person find a path, I am listing the accepted signs of suicidal behavior – there are others — and, although 75 percent of suicidal people exhibit one or more of these signs, some suicidal folks never exhibit one, single outward sign. I am... — Updated 8/6/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    News

Badly Shaken

There is no easy way to broach this subject but broach it I must: in the past two weeks the West Shores has lost two young people to suicide. It is the third leading cause of death in the United States of people aged 15-24. While I have no first-hand knowledge of the facts... — Updated 8/6/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

West Shores High School Student is Awarded Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship

ZISS! BOOM! BAH! An amazing pyrotechnical display is in the works. Yep, it's true: The 2nd Annual West Shores Fireworks Extravaganza is scheduled for Saturday, June 27 at Johnson's Landing. The hijinx starts at 5:00 p.m. and will i... — Updated 6/15/2015


In Case of Earthquake, Read the Following Instructions

There are steps to take to be better prepared for an earthquake. The following quick reminders from – will help the community to be ready – it is sponsored by the Earthquake Country Alliance. In depth tips are available in English and Sp... — Updated 6/11/2015

 By Paddie Connelly    Towns

SeaView Elementary School Awards Students and Teachers

HATS OFF! To SeaView Elementary School, its superlative staff and student body who warmly welcomed West Shores Lions Clubbers President Fred Guibault, Secretary Paddie Connelly and Director Pat Brewer to a very special awards... — Updated 5/22/2015