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Last updated 12/22/2015 at 9:21am

May I Have a Word… or two or three? I love words. Now, I know we’re not supposed to love things, only people, but words are different sorts of things. They have moods and quirkiness and can be deliberate, joyful, stingy or gross … words often can and do take on the personalities of

those who utter them. That has to do with timbre, I suppose. But is also has to do with quality and intent. For example, many times in these waning days of 2015, we may hear a person of qualified authority state, “Nothing can be done,” or “It’s not my job,” or, “That’s above my pay scale.”

Well, we know that utterance is probably not totally accurate and that the very use of those words belies the fact that, in fact, something CAN be done … perhaps not by that specific speaker, his or her immediate circumstance or a self-possessed innate willingness to go beyond environmental confines…BUT, some thing can always be done, even if its to do nothing.

Can you, personally, even begin to imagine if Attila the Hun, Charlemagne or George Washington or Malala used such a declaration in self-defense? And, heavens forbid, what if one of those phrases were our national motto and it were emblazoned on all our official documents and currency … can you envision your chagrin at pulling out an Alexander Hamilton on which was printed not “E Pluribus Unum” but “It’s not my job.” What a fine kettle of fish THAT would be!

Words can embolden or enervate, they can heal or hurt, they can and do incite and excite us all to act with bigger and better (or lesser) thoughts and actions. Granted, part of a word’s power over us is the tone and inflection with which it is uttered – and that is assuredly cause for care, as

well. So, in the end, this is what part of next year is going to be for me: deliberately and, it is hoped, choosing and using words and phases that are true reflections of who I am – or would like to be – a kinder, gentler, stronger, tougher human being, one who is eager to live with the best of

intelligent intent, willing to strive for honesty and good humor, and certainly one who will remember to say, “Thank you,” at every turn and “No!” only when “No” reminds me to curtail inappropriate actions (TBD) or reactions, and “Yes!” to everything else.

Will you join me?

Happy New Year.

One more thing, please … watch for the West Shores Lions Club at the Saturday Swap Meets. We’re fundraising for community projects and appreciate your patronage. And, if you have fine recyclable goods that you no longer are using or need, please consider donating them to the WSLC.

We can even pick them up…YAY! Call President Fred Guibault with questions or for info: (760)

673-8493. Thank you.

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