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Freedom or Choice?


Last updated 1/5/2016 at 4:07pm

Is the truth true and is free will really free? Well, maybe…or just maybe we should agree on what “free will” really is. Once we’ve reached concensus, perhaps we should agree on exactly what “truth” we’re discussing here. For me, free will is that deniably miraculous gift of choice. Sounds simple, isn’t. Isn’t easy, either. That’s where truth enters, I think – how do we decide? What guides our choices? In which ways do our choices affect or effect our lives and livelihoods? Do we turn it over, all of it, and once we’ve turned it over, can we choose to accept that certain resounding responsibility for being co-creators of our own environments? Do we ask for guidance and follow it or do we ask, consider and then choose Plan B? Let’s see.

Do we choose to stay in bed or get up and get going? Do we choose mental sloth or cleanliness? Do we read, r-e-a-d, documents and books and treatises before we sound off? Or, do we choose to listen to the interpretations of others and then base our opinions on familiar elements that appeal to us? What wisdom guides our speech? How about our familial obligations and our bills? Do we choose to master the matter or let it master us?

What is our choice about lifestyle? And eating plans, exercise regimen, thoughtfulness and gratitude? In the end, in what manner, how, do we choose to live this quilted patchwork of our own design? It is hoped with grace, candor, respect, deference, thankfulness and, yes, true free will.

We are lucky. As Americans, we enjoy the right, that precious freedom, to make these choices. Here, our truths are limited only by our own choices. Oh, there are obstacles -- some seemingly insurmountable – but deep in our own hearts we can all recount our own, personal Horatio Alger tales. My guess is because we choose to succeed, we find ways to do it. We get out of bed. We listen. We accept. And, we give thanks.


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