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"Decarbonization Proposal"


Last updated 3/21/2023 at 1:15pm

A letter to Supervisor Jim Desmond and his assistant, Hunter McDonald

Honorable County Supervisor Desmond and Mr. McDonald,

Please DELAY any consideration or vote on a Utility Scale Project in Borrego Springs.

It seems to me the real issue here is financial, practical, environmental and political weighing of Utility Scale solar/Wind versus Rooftop/Parking lot Solar. Don’t you think so?

Financial: What will a decarbonization project like Utility Scale Solar/Wind project COST? Pretty expensive and time consuming – another long range project that may be outdated before completion. I’m reminded of the Bullet Train from our Southern border to where? Is that complete yet? And how much has that cost for no results? And SanDag’s proposal to charge automobiles 4 cents/mile to pay for what? A transit system that is an example of others in this State that are losing ridership and failing? And do you think people are going to support another tax? Not hardly.

VERSUS – Financially supporting Rooftop and Parking Lot Solar – all over the County. A Financially assisted investment that will actually do some good and cost far less in money and time to complete.

Practical: Honestly think about it….a proposed huge monolith project in the name of a Climate Change Plan? Trucks and machinery operations creating Green House Gases in a much greater amount than will be saved in 10 years of this “decarbonization” project? If and when it is completed?

Environment and Wildlife: The damage in terms of the Environment and Wildlife in the Anza Borrego Desert and Community of Borrego Springs is almost impossible to estimate, but will destroy both. This Desert State Park and the Community of Borrego Springs’ namesake the “Borrego” lives will be at risk. There are so many bird species that stop along their travels North and South; others who call this area their year round home. And the FLOWERS! The Desert’s colorful carpet, many are rare species that attract hundreds of people, many who make this Community their home for many months of the year.

It is the small town environment and wildlife – floral and fauna – that attracts tourists to this community spending hundreds of thousands of dollars that support the County in Sales and Room, and Property TAXES! All of these categories will be harmed if this “decarbonization” project is situated in this small corner of a California paradise.

Political: There is always politics tied up in these decisions for expensive projects of this type. Done under the cover of Climate Change, it allows a lot of people to make money and/or advance their careers. For what? Who loses? Frankly, Citizens and the Climate! This is not a project that justifies the cost and damage it will do in all the above categories. Whether you think about the bullet train or the 4 cent tax – let’s add in the Ash Street 101 political mess just as an example of screw ups!

Even if SDG&E is trying to shut down the benefits of Solar panels – again for their own financial gain – oppose that! PLEASE Delay any decision on the Decarbonation Utility Scale Project in Borrego Springs at this juncture. Do weigh the Financial, Practical, Environmental/Wildlife, and Political aspects and in fact – do not back consideration of this project at all. Do support Rooftop/Parking Lot Solar as the smart alternative in all these categories. You can do it!


Sheila S. Cameron

Former Council Member and Mayor of

Encinitas, CA

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