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The Art of Photography Show


Last updated 5/19/2021 at 1:52pm

"The Art Of Photography," features an eclectic group of photography with works from both seasoned and new emerging photographer's.

Several exceptional works anchored the show.

Rolland Klein, 'Desert Sentinel,' a thoughtful landscape composition with unique light quality.

Also Klein's, 'Font's Point,' and 'Palm's In the Moonlight,' are both elegant, beautiful works.

Garrett Woods stark black and white, 'Cholla Textures,' shows us the vulnerabilities of our visual perception of nature.

Tom Hogan's, 'Palm Springs Shadows,' is a spontaneous work that captures the Palm Spring's vibe in a tumble of chairs and shadows.

Wil Gardner, 'San Francisco Presidio,' an intriguing, conversational composition.

Bruce Weaver's, 'Tequila Sunrise,' a dreamy, peachy, lilac, panoramic landscape.

Two astonishing accomplished examples of astrophotography by Bill Carter, 'The Witch's Broom,' and 'The Pinwheel Galaxy,' are mesmerizing. Astrophotography is photography of astronomical objects, celestial events and areas of the night sky. From a curatorial point of view, there are only two two photographer's at the show that had their biographies displayed.

Biographical information about the artists is essential for all art show's. Additionally, descriptions of the medium the photograph was printed on was not available. It is interesting for a collector to know what medium the photographer print their work on. Especially as in this show several works were printed using diverse mediums including glass, giclee on paper and canvas, premium luster paper, archival and photographic paper options.

Photography had to fight a tough controversial battle over years in terms of being considered as it is today equal and valid as any other art form. This fuels the importance of curating photography inclusive of details about the medium used to print works on and type of printing process used, archival inks or not.

Borrego Springs, often represented in photographs at the show, offers photographers one of California's most spectacular landscapes to create from. As far as light quality, which is at the core of most great photography, Borrego provides spectacular ever changing, dramatic, magical light, incredible sky scapes, a million stars, the coming and going of the day. This show features several outstanding photographic interpretations of Borrego Springs magical light.

Enjoy a visit to the Institute and get lost in the eye of a photographer's world.