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Salton Sea with Paddie Connelly


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A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words, or More

Here with the tangible proof that the entire West Shores Volunteer Fire Department, plus two volunteer Fire Explorers, walked the walk that we all talk.

Predawn, 9/11/18, our firefighters donned turn outs (weight estimates range from 45 to 80 pounds depending on what gear is included), picked up full packs and/or firefighting equipment and walked at least 55 reps up and down the bleachers at West Shores High School.

As the sun rose, some of the crew decided to double the reps, and actually walking 110 times up and down those bleachers.

In memory of the 2,996 people killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which included 343 New York City Fire Department workers, firefighters from all over the country are climbing 110 stories, as those who lost their lives did that day.

As many of us will remember, our country changed that crisp autumn morning in Manhattan, Washington, DC, and Shanksville; whether we openly admit it or not, many of us still harbor a thin film of caution right next to that undeniable “fight or flight” response mechanism: we’re a little more cautious, a tad more apt to question, a saddening, newer, less trusting modus operandi alert. So, when those on the front line really step up to remind us what is good and right and clear about being an American and living in America I am grateful and very eager to say, “Thank you,” in any many ways as I can, maybe if just by living with a shred more kindness or tenderness.

West Shores Firefighters who participated were Jesus Juarez, Scott Murray, Christian Olivera, Neftali Orozco, Dustin Lane, Richard Vargas, Isaiah Hubbard, McEnzie Johnson and Jared Dollarhide. Johnson and Dollarhide are students at West Shores High School. Community members, who joined in were Jackie Gonzalez, Eli and Maria Astorga and their family and Lions Fred Guibault, Linda Boling, Bob Konopka and me.

West Shores moms, all members of the Coachella Valley Parents, Maria Maldonado, Roxana Catherman, Nancy Jalomo, Miriam Juarez (no relation) and ever-faithful Mirna Covarubbias provided a homemade breakfast for all participants including three or four types of individually wrapped breakfast burritos, fresh salsa and cookies.

The annual event is co-sponsored by the West Shores Lions Club, Salton Community Services District and the high school. Thanks, Mr. P for being a generous host.

9/11 Ceremony at West Shores High School

The entire student body of West Shores Middle and High School plus all staff and visitors gathered at the flagpole in the courtyard of the school at 7:15 a.m. for a ceremony to commemorate the 9/11 occurance.

Pimentel spoke quietly and ardently about the critical nature of overcoming ignorance in any of its ugly forms and how, if we did little else in our lives, helping to eradicate the beastly unawareness was one thing we each could do to ensure the survival of the our Democratic Republic.

By researching the facts, telling the truth and adhering to the principles and tenets upon which our country was born we can and will be a stronger, more viable, healthier nation.

For me, however, the most amazing part of the flag ceremony was the stillness, the quiet respect. There were over 500 people in that courtyard and the only sound was a clarion call of song bird. Everyone listened to the speakers with rapt attention and, one hopes, left with some renewed dedication to be and do better.

Next State Water Resources Control Board Meeting Date Change

Meeting is changed from Sept. 20 to Oct. 16. The purpose of the meeting is to receive updates on the State of California’s 10-year plan (for the Restoration of the Salton Sea).

The California State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) was planning on holding an agenda item during a regularly scheduled State Water Board meeting Sept. 20, to receive an update on the Salton Sea Management Program from Bruce Wilcox, Assistant Secretary for Salton Sea Policy, California Natural Resources Agency. The item has been moved to the regularly scheduled State Water Board meeting on OCT. 16.

The agenda for the Oct. 16, State Water Board meeting will be released at least 10 days prior to the date of the meeting. The agenda will be posted on the following web page, which also includes a link for email subscriptions to receive updates regarding State Water Board meeting agendas:

For more information, please visit the following web page:

If you have any questions, please contact Justine Herrig at 916-323-5176 or

An Open Letter from Kerry Morrison (Save Our Sea) to West Shores Residents and those concerned about the Salton Sea in general:

Dear Supporters of Restoring the Salton Sea,

We have a few things to consider as we move forward. These include but are certainly not limited to:

+ Our West Shore residents are getting sick and property values are tanking.

+ The sea is much quieter from an ecological standpoint. (It is) not dead by any means, but quieter.

+ This IS NOT the vision of promised restoration that everyone had in mind when signing the QSA.

This is just what I’ve noticed personally; I know you all have valuable, unique perspectives. Please frankly consider and/or reconsider your understanding/relationship to these observations:

+ There are some great wheels beginning to move, but not yet fast enough.

+ How can we all sing to the same tune?

+ Do you feel enough is being done?

+ How is the plan being carried out so far?

+ Do you see ways to implement more efficient strategies?

+ Have enough resources and staff been allocated to the CNRA?

+ Are any other agencies or interests getting in the way of progress?

+ Is there an appropriate focus on short and long term restoration programs?

+ Can you think of any ways the public can be utilized to help this process along?

+ How can we support the things that are working and change the things that aren’t?

+ How can the water board help speed things up while maintaining working transparency?And, ultimately,


We know we are all faced with a multifaceted problem; some of us feel it in our bones. Yet, the question always remains: what can we do about it? Here’s what: We can work together to raise our collective consciousness.

For starters, perhaps we can identify a single over-arching aspect of the restoration issue we can ameliorate by acting as one, unified force. Let’s do this even better now and in the future than we have heretofore, let’s act on this together. Our aim is to Thrive, not just Survive.

I am humbly requesting that if any of you are able to provide your perspective in a written letter to the good people at the State Water Board and/or our elected officials it would be quite valuable.

Please include your perspective of the State’s progress to date and any other pertinent, personal information that will make your letter a living document, a document that will elucidate and chronicle your deep and abiding concern for the Salton Sea.

For starters, should you need any, here are a few issues that our team has found particularly critical to restoring the Salton Sea:

* Supporting restoration/mitigation projects that also provide habitat nearest where people live.

* Supporting a 10-year plan in parallel with development of long-term restoration that stakeholders believe, believe in and can support, keeping in mind the guarantee of a sustainable shoreline and water source for future generations. Personally, I am not convinced that the Colorado will quite cut it.

* Knowing that there is, and will always be more than one pie to $hare.

* Finding ways to be collaborative; sharing questions and issues such as these prompt unified thought and subsequent action.

* PLEASE ATTEND the meeting in October if you possibly can: more heads are better than a few.

Cheers to you and progress.


Kerry F. Morrison

Executive Director, The EcoMedia Compass

Digital Director, West Shores Chamber

Former Mayor, West Shores Salton Sea

(404) 88-WORLD

2554 N. Marina Dr. Salton City, CA 92275

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