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9/11 Stair Climb

Once again this year, West Shores High School will host the West Shores version of the nationwide 9/11 Stair Climb. This event is held to commemorate that fateful day that our nation changed forever when the World Trade Towers and, America were attacked by terrorists. Many NYFD First Responders lost their lives that day and today’s firefighters who serve in communities across the nation have dedicated parts of the day every year to make sure we don’t forget. Local firefighters will don full gear (approximately 50 pounds) and perform 55 up and down reps of the bleachers at West Shore High School – these reps represent the mathematical calculation of the distance fellow firefighter/rescuers advanced in the towers before tower collapse.

Each year, the local event has been sponsored by the West Shores Lions Club, the VFW, The West Shores Seniors, the Salton Community Services District and West Shores High School. Joining sponsors this year are the moms from the Family Involvement Action Team (FIAT) at the High School who will be providing a full breakfast for all participants.

Everyone in the community is welcome to join – in fact, urged to join. Personally, I can’t do the stair reps, but I can walk the field. Hope to see you there!

Please Let ME Tell You About Our Fire Department

Basically, West Shores Fire Department is a Volunteer Fire Department. Here’s the skinny:

• West Shores Fire has a designated budget that was approved by the Salton Community Services District Board of Directors; that budget is a matter of public record and can be viewed at any time at the district office; it is also available via email: contact the District Office – all I ask is that, if you have questions, please ask and don’t guess. Truth is healthy. So is a peaceful fire protection area.

• You will notice in the budget that the preponderance of the allocated funding is for equipment, repairs, engine upkeep and maintenance, firefighter equipment and gear (we usually purchase used gear!), etc.

• West Shores Fire currently has two (2) full time, (volunteer) firefighters and the Fire Chief; all other firefighters at West Shores Fire have full time jobs and report/volunteer here on their days off;

• West Shores firefighters receive a stipend of $50 per 24-hour shift; West Shores firefighters buy their own groceries and incidentals;

• West Shores Firefighters cover a fire protection area of approximately 1,222 square miles: from the sea west, past the Border Check to Ocotillo Wells and the San Diego County Line; from the Riverside County line to Highway S78; it includes all West Shores communities.

When firefighters ask for donations and support, any funds received are spent to offset the cost of living, donations to the Burn Institute; Toys for Christmas; Christmas Dinner boxes with complete holiday meals for those in need; Hallowe’en hijinx (there will be a wa-zoo! Haunted House again this year), etc. – support for events and opportunities to further serve our community.

The majority of West Shores Firefighters is classified as “Fire Fighter One,” which means that they have passed all the tests and classes and are certified and recognized anywhere they go as a “Fire Fighter.”

Frankly, what’s amazing to me, is that fewer and fewer donations are being made to the West Shores Fire Department while the number of calls is escalating – these are life-saving medical calls, traffic collision calls, snake removal (there have been some hum-dingers this year!), bee removal – basically, to my mind, the firefighters receive calls to fix everything and anything that others can’t or won’t deal with. And, something else – they show up, do their work and do it well, and they love the community. In fact, West Shores Firefighters are serving as volunteer coaches for the West Shores High School Football team – thank you, very much.

So, please when you get a chance, please say, “Thanks!”

Events that are Coming Our West Shores Way:

Flu Shot Clinic and Food Card registration; Oct. 10 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Property Owners Association in Salton Sea Beach; first-come, first-serve. Sponsored by Imperial County Health, West Shores Seniors, Property Owners Association and West Shores Lions.

Fiesta Days/ Howdy Neighbor Days – Oct. 29 through Nov. 3; businesses and clubs from through the West Shores Community host open houses and get-togethers; Oct. 31 – Halloween HiJinx at Salton City Park and Trunk or Treat at the POA, Salton Sea Beach;

Culminating activities at Salton Sea Park, Saturday Nov. 3 ,: down-home picnic with games, cook-offs, etc. Everyone is welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Within the next few weeks, the AM/PM Travel Center at the intersection of S86 and S22 will be closed for approximately two (2) months as an entire revamping of the facility’s interior takes place. At this time, vendors who have announced affiliation with the project are: KFC, Taco Bell, Coffee and Tea Leaf and Cinnabon. THE FUELING STATION WILL REMAIN OPEN. Of Course, there are other good places to eat and shop on the West Shores – please get to know them.

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