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Last updated 5/26/2024 at 11:55am

The Bosworths - Andi, Lee and Bonny

The Bosworths, who built a legacy through a quite successful business of selling more than just fudge, have officially handed the reins over of the ever so loved, Bighorn Fudge Co.

Their legacy, that has been built by the love of their family, had strongly grown over the years thanks to the many friendship in the community.

Back in September 2023, a "For Sale" sign at the front window of the Bighorn Fudge Co. was displayed, indicating it was time for the Bosworths to take a step back from the business, with the age of owners Lee and Andi Bosworth playing a big part in the difficult decision. Daughter Bonny Bosworth, a local favorite who always smiled when you'd walk into the store, had thought about taking over the shop because she "absolutely loved her job" as well as employees and all of the people and families that have become like family to her, but said, "The thing about a small business in Borrego is that if you don't have a ton of capitol behind you, you really need to work the business yourself in order to be successful. The work load, on top of caring for my parents needs, just became too much for me. Even though I had the best employees anyone could ask for, I just knew it was the right thing to do. "

She continued, "The support from the community has meant the world, but it's not just Borrego. It's people from around the world, and from all walks of life, that have enriched our lives forever!"

Lee and Andi Bosworth added, "We had no idea the Lord would bless our small endeavor so abundantly. The Fudge Factory has afforded us a modest living and given us a lifetime of friends and memories. The outpouring of love and support from this wonderful community over the years has been truly remarkable."

Adding, "We cherish each one of our customers and ask that you would welcome the new owners, Jeremy and Sarah Fife, with that same warm spirit. The Fifes want to continue the traditions of The Fudge Factory and preserve the friendly atmosphere of one of the most popular meeting places in Borrego. They also have some exciting new ideas which we think you will love. We wish them a long, happy and prosperous career in Borrego."

The Bosworths knew Jeremy and Sarah Fife were the right fit to be owners as they saw what they had built and shared the same vision as they did and had youth and energy on their side. They also have an extensive business background.

New owners, Jeremy and Sarah Fife have a background in running a business and serving the community and hope to continue building on the legacy started by the Bosworths. The Fifes managed Cool Spring Farm Kennel in Lexington, MI, focusing on dog training and behavior modification. They will be making some changes, other than the name of the business, that will cater to Borregans in more ways than one, and giving the shop an uplifting look. (Read more in the next issue).

But how did this come about?

Many doubted Lee and Andi when they began making fudge for the local farmers market, even going so far to telling the duo they would not make it selling fudge. And boy, did they prove everyone wrong week after week. When the local farmers market closed down for the summer they then started doing farmers markets all along the coast. They were thriving! Then an opportunity arose to move into the space that Kathy King had as a coffee and book store, and the rest is history.

Lee and Andi Bosworth started the company back in 1998, which was originally named Olde Homestead Fudge Company. Around 2011, they decided to change the name to Bighorn Fudge Company.

The original name of the shop tied them to New England where they all grew up. and where Lee and Andi first learned about this method of fudge making from friends in Maine.

Bonny said they decided to change the name to Bighorn Fudge Company to closer tie themselves to their surroundings and community here in the Anza Borrego Desert.

The business has had continued success, year-after-year, with their biggest sellers of course being the Fudge, but also ice cream, coffee and pasteries. The cinnamon rolls have almost a cult following themselves, with their espresso being called the "best in town." Bonny believes it's because they have many options for the consumers as well as consistency and years of experience behind them, with some of the "Best baristas in town!"

And with little to no hardships, despite the dealings of COVID-19, Bonny says it's been a lot of work, but a labor of love. "We learned how to work around the seasonality of our town and create a loyal following year-after-year. The Lord blessed our business in ways that we never could have anticipated and has blessed us with so many never ending friendships along the way."

Now that retirement is on the calendar, what now?

For Bonny, she will still be in Borrego, making her parents her priority. She plans to work part-time somewhere but that is to be determined. Bonny is also welcoming her first grandchild in September, so is headed off to New Zealand for a month to welcome her. And then plans to decide what she would like to do after that.

"No words can say enough about what our community has meant to us throughout the years. We have seen babies born, watched them grow and then start families of their own. We also have lost so many wonderful friends along the way, but we wouldn't change a thing!!! It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of this beautiful village that we call home," Bonny said.

Bonny would like to be able to stay in touch with all of the friends and families she has her made the years, so feel free to email her at with pictures and updates about yourselves!

The Fudge Factory remains closed for the summer, but plans are to open in early October. Be sure to stop by and say hi to the new owners, and continue to support this very loved business.