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Update on Borrego Springs Welcome Signage Project


Last updated 4/25/2024 at 1:57pm

The grass roots citizens committee to create and install new welcome signs for Borrego Springs has entered Phase 2 of its undertaking. The committee applied for a grant from the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund (BVEF) to continue the project. In March, the BVEF awarded the Borrego Village Association (BVA) $6,000 for the committee to hire three designers with experience in the creation of community signage.

Each designer will draft one to two prototype designs utilizing the input obtained from the Community Welcome Signage survey. The Community Welcome Signage survey, which was Phase 1 of the project, generated 265 responses from residents, seasonal residents and visitors. An overwhelming majority, 90% of respondents, thought the need for new welcome signage is either important, very important or extremely important. Factors including size, type of materials to be used, wording and placement of signs were surveyed.

The designers are tasked with creating a sign that conveys the spirit of Borrego Springs residents utilizing the parameters identified in the survey. During the Phase 2 process, the prototype designs will be reviewed by the committee and selected members from a wide range of the community. It is an iterative process, meaning feedback and suggestions will be given to the designers, who will come back with designs incorporating that input. Ultimately the committee will narrow selection down to two to three designs.

Phase 3 of the Community Welcome signage project will begin at Borrego Days in October 2024. The prototype signs will be displayed throughout the community. Residents and visitors will be encouraged to vote for the sign that most appeals to them. As with the first survey, the design selection survey will be available in hard copy and digitally on Survey Monkey, printed in both English and Spanish and will continue through early January 2025. As part of the Phase 3 process, the committee will determine estimated costs to build and install at least two signs - one at the foot of Montezuma Grade and the other across from La Casa del Zorro on Yaqui Pass road. Once a final design is selected by the community and estimated costs are known, the committee will seek funding from community members and organizations and the County of San Diego.

All funds, including the funds recently donated by the BVEF, are managed by the Borrego Village Association (BVA), a 501 3(c) corporation.

For any questions you may have, or for more information about the Community Welcome signage project, please contact The committee looks forward to sharing the results of Phase 2 with all residents at Borrego Days in October.

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