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Book Review – Drafted: My Year in Vietnam


Last updated 4/15/2024 at 1pm

Morgan Miller is a military veteran and lives with his wife, Ginger, a retired nurse, in the serene desert community of Borrego Springs, California

Drafted tells the story of Morgan Miller's year in Vietnam at the invitation of Lyndon B Johnson. It is the story of a meat-cutter wannabe commercial airline pilot, whose life was rudely interrupted by being inducted into a war that he considered someone else's battle for a lost cause.

Drafted describes many of the almost 300,000 men drafted in 1968 along with Morgan, or for that matter, the 1.85 million drafted between 1964 – 1973. Some came home safe and sound and others that perished or were no longer whole, must be all considered heroes. Admired for distinguished courage and stepping up to serve, Morgan has documented his year in Vietnam with a story that had to be told.

In his book, Morgan also exposes a major mechanical issue with Vietnam-era helicopters; so serious that had they been Ford cars they would have been subject to a major recall. He suggests that Cobra helicopter pilots were guinea-pigs for aircraft plagued with serious, not to mention deadly, hydraulic problems.

Drafted is for readers who want to experience what it was like on a day to day basis, to go through basic and advanced infantry training, learn to fly gun ship by way of a 38 week flight school and then be shipped out to the Vietnam war zone. What it's like to be shot at and shot down. To serve your country honourably, while fighting a war you don't believe in, only to return and be ostracized by a misguided faction of the general public.

Morgan has dedicated his memoirs and reserved a special place in his heart for Ric Deichler, who exemplified unwavering valour as a member of the 503rd Airborne Infantry during the harrowing Battle of Dak To in November 1967.

Drafted is a book not to be missed and available on Amazon as Kindle and paperback (in large print).

Footnote: Congratulations Morgan Miller and his team are finalists for the 2024 Indie Awards and also the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award that reflects the spirit of independent writers for his memoirs that captures profound bravery and sacrifices made.

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