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Summer EBT Program for Children to Launch


Last updated 3/4/2024 at 10:12am

In collaborative efforts to enhance the USDA’s summer nutrition programs, the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer Program for Children (Summer EBT) will officially launch in summer 2024 and be a permanent program. Summer EBT provides grocery-buying benefits to low-income families with school-aged children when schools are closed for the summer. More than 30 million children across America could benefit from Summer EBT.

Summer EBT is based on USDA’s Summer EBT for Children demonstration projects and Pandemic EBT. It is evidence-based, and research shows that providing families with summer grocery benefits reduces child hunger and supports healthier diets.

Summer EBT benefits will come in the form of pre-loaded cards that families can use to purchase groceries.

Beginning in summer 2024, States and certain Indian Tribal Organizations can provide families $40 per eligible child, per month. These benefits work together with other available FNS nutrition assistance programs, such as summer meal sites, SNAP, and WIC, to help ensure kids have consistent access to critical nutrition when school is out. Summer EBT will work hand-in hand with other USDA nutrition programs to connect every eligible child with nutritious food in the summer.

In December 2022, a bipartisan Congress created a new, permanent program for States and certain Indian Tribal Organizations to provide food dollars to low-income families with school-age kids over the summer months. This program, officially called Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer, or Summer EBT, will help close the summer hunger gap when kids are on summer break and not getting nutritious school meals.

For more information about the traditional Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) visit the SFSP program page.