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Last updated 3/10/2024 at 1:38pm

Total BWD Wastewater Treatment Plan inflows come from either Town Center, Borrego Springs Resort/Club Circle, Rams Hill or La Casa/Legion. BWD has been working diligently to better understand flows in its wastewater collection system for future planning and rate setting purposes.

New meters have been installed at Rams Hill and experts in the two different meter styles we made visits to BWD in February to evaluate the situation.

The results were: 1. The WWTP Influent meter, monitoring total inflows into the Plant, cannot be calibrated. The touch screen is malfunctioning and a new one is required. Once the new screen is installed, the calibration process can be completed. All meters are important, and this one is at the top of the list. Due to the importance of this equipment to Plant operations, Staff will be recommending to the Board an expenditure for equipment and installation.

2. Rams Hill and BS Resort/CC need to have a small channel installed inside the 18” sewer main to consolidate the flow and allow for accurate metering. The 18” pipe is oversized for the flows and only a very small portion of the pipe is underwater and therefore, metering is not accurate. To rectify the situation, a small channel will be installed in the pipe at the meter location to consolidate the flows and allow for the sensor to work accurately. Staff is also recommending purchase of equipment a total cost of $25,478.44.

Installation of these meters will take place in March.

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