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Unveiling Ceremony

McQuown/Wermers Gallery


Last updated 5/15/2024 at 9:41am

In a well-attended, small private ceremony on Feb. 17, a new plaque was unveiled, to commemorate a dedication to two families. The new name of the BAI's gallery will now be the McQuown/Wermers Gallery at the Borrego Art Institute.

"Without the kindness and generosity of these two families, the Borrego Art Institute as we know it would not exist," said Steve Fisher, BAI's Executive Director. "The dedication to the arts, education, and the town of Borrego Springs shown by these families is truly remarkable. We as an organization consider ourselves extremely lucky to count them as friends."

The dedication was made as these two families were major donors to BAI over the years and played pivotal roles in the acquisition and development of the property we see today. Without them, BAI would be a very different place, not existing in its current form, and not providing the services to the community.