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Turkey Vulture Rescued


Last updated 3/14/2024 at 10:12am

Officer Galvan of San Diego Animal Control rescuing a sick Turkey Vulture at RoadRunner Club.

Occasionally, particularly in Spring and early Summer, migrating birds pick up viruses that make them ill, or sometimes fall prey to other critters. Sick or injured birds are not uncommon in the Borrego Valley, but fortunately there are resources available to us to help these victims of chance accidents or lurking diseases. Recently a very sick Turkey Vulture was found in the green belt behind Jack and Bev Rose's home here in RoadRunner, but fortunately RoadRunner resident and former State Park administrator Abby Barker knew exactly who to call.

San Diego Animal Control will respond quickly to any calls from County residents who have come across a sick or injured animal that urgently needs our attention and help. Don't hesitate to call and talk immediately to one of the specialists who will help you with instructions on what to do until one of their officers arrive to take charge of the unfortunate creature.

Call 619-767-2675 right away for assistance if you find a bird or animal in need of care.

Courtesy of the RoadRunner Review, Publication of the RRC Association

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