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Dollar General Market: Beer, Wine License


Last updated 3/11/2024 at 11:05am

On February 26, the County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services awarded and approved Dollar General Market developer NNNDG, LLC ABC Determination for a beer and wine Type 20 license for the Dollar General Market located at 872 Palm Canyon Drive in the Borrego Springs Community Planning Area (Tract 210.02), Assessor’s Parcel Number 141-370-17-00. The Dollar General Market will operate from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. seven (7) days a week in Borrego Springs.

A formal letter of determination sent to the Borrego Springs Sponsor Group from Angelica Truong, Planning Manager of the Project Planning Division further states; “On January 4, 2024 the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group did not reach quorum and there was no formal recommendation for the license (4 – Yes, 4 – No, 1 – Absent Board Member).” Nor was there any position or recommendation from the Borrego Springs Sponsor Group to San Diego County Planning and Development Services to oppose the license.

With the determination to grant Dollar General Market a Type 20 Beer and Wine License it is certain that our long-time local liquor store, the gas station’s convenience stores, the Center Market and The Pantry market will suffer loss of revenue from beer and wine sales among other revenue losses from food, sundries and cosmetics sales possibly leading to local stores and food market’s permanent closures. Hard factual data verifies and confirms from extensive research studies based on Dollar General Markets opening in small rural towns, that small town independent retailers cannot compete fairly with the mega Dollar General Markets and they usually go out of business.

Dollar General Market is one of America’s largest discount retailer and last month, it hit a major milestone with the opening of its 20,000th store. Clearly Dollar General Market is a big competitive threat to Borrego Springs local business owners and retailers that sell beer and wine and consumer goods.

If the community of Borrego Springs chooses and commits to continue to support the long established backbone beer, wine and food retailers that have been of great service to our small town then perhaps our existing food markets, farmer’s market, liquor store and convenience stores might survive. However, without patron support and if consumers shift their shopping to the Dollar General Market, it is most likely the outcome will be detrimental and hurtful to Borrego Springs small long time retailers. Its of paramount importance to uphold and sustain our small town beer and wine and food retailers to insure their survival.

Consumer factoid: Dollar General Market shoppers are not permitted to use any Dollar General Market gift cards to purchase any alcoholic beverages from any Dollar General Market stores.

– Elizabeth Rodriguez

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