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Welcome Sign Survey


Last updated 2/13/2024 at 1:35pm

A committee of locals: Bruce Durbin, Nancy McRae, Jim Dion (Borrego Village Association); Alicia Wszelaki (Path88Productions); Jeff Fancy (Rotary) created a "Welcome Sign Survey" that was introduced at a BVA sponsored booth at Borrego Days. The seven-question survey focuses on the need/desire for new signs, type of materials to use, what the signs should say, size, placement and "vibe" – what will convey the feel of Borrego Springs.

In Spring 2023, the County announced that it might have some funding for new community id/welcome signs for towns in the unincorporated areas.

The Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group encouraged the formation of a committee to pursue the idea of new signage. The County has since decided not to offer funding, but the committee elected to forge ahead with the idea of new welcome signage as a way to help promote our community to visitors and foster the pride of place we have for Borrego Springs.

It is important to note that funding and County approval for the signs has not been obtained yet, but will be sought once the design is finalized. Also, as stated above, the committee is not recommending changes to the Christmas Circle sign or green County-provided signs.

The signs being discussed are the ones at key entrances to Borrego Springs. The larger wooden signs that say Borrego Springs and display some of the town's civic organizations' emblems. There are two signs, at the foot of Montezuma Grade and across from the entrance to La Casa del Zorro. Both date to around the 1970's. The committee IS SEEKING YOUR INPUT on a new design to replace these signs.

A QR code has been created for people to fill out Surveys online, the preferred method. For those wishing to fill our copy survey they are available to be picked up and returned to ABDNHA. Surveys will be collected through December.

If anyone has any questions, or wish to be sent a Pdf copy of the Survey, in English or Spanish, of they can contact Jim Dion at

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